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Wiggle Room, What's The Mark Up For Real Estate Property Listings?

Wiggle it just a little bit, to find the room to negotiate on the real estate property listing price.

What's the mark up to the real value today? How low will he or she go? The owner of what you would like to buy. What is going on inside his head? How badly does he want or need to sell? boat harbor  maine photo

Or is the Maine property listing owner that you are after in no hurry whatsoever?

To sell and let go.

Timing is everyting in life, real estate.

Is there something going on in the life of the property listing seller that is pushing the need to get to a closing pronto?

The gotta have a sale stat, ASAP?

Or quick like a bunny as we told the kids around bedtime. When the clock on the walls says we are all holding up the nightly Sandman visit. This pressure drives the sale price up, down, sideways.

So wiggle room, what is the market up in a real estate listing?

It is murky, there are gray areas unless you get some good answers to hard real estate situation questions. Because people are involved and supply and demand is always a factor in the current real estate market.

Had a buyer bird dogging for his son in Iowa who wants to buy a farm in Maine we have listed for sale. He wanted to know is there always a ten percent market up on real estate in Maine?

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Buying A Home Before Selling Your Last House.

In life timing is not always the best, like when you own a home that shrunk from family expansion.

And you want, need to sell a house before buying another castle. With more room to roam. Extra bedrooms, baths, a rec room. For all those place settings around the kitchen table to have enough space to grow up in comfort. maine castle home photo

A bridge loan, when buying a new home.

How to get from one home to the other with some breathing room.

To give adequate time to allow for the sale of the old one is a housing transfer option flip flop.

But what if no extra money in the dig deep in the kitty at the end of the month to pay the bills you already have? For the 2nd home mortgage payment added stress.


But not for everyone is over extened financially. The timing to buy is right except already own a home outright or with a mortgage or two.

And is quickly given the nod of lending approval. From a bunch of banks that would jump at the chance. Would float a new home loan slam bam while you carry the old mortgage payments too.

But sleeping nights home selling one, buying one.

Can you? Or is 3 AM a wake up call you can not stop getting inside your head. Tossing, turning, making trips from the bedroom to the bathroom.

You worry about the length of time for the old home to sell. And just want to wait. Should you is the million dollar question? Even if the banker says come on, relax, sign here and here.

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Black Friday Real Estate Deals, Cyber Monday Too!

The best deals of the year that all get razzle dazzled, hyped to hysteria so Christmas shoppers spend spend spend.

Does real estate fall under the excitement of Black Friday, Cyber Monday marketing price adjustments? christmas black friday maine photo

If you are searching for real estate in a small population, large land area that is rural like Northern Maine, you can relax.

You have more than a couple days, a handful of hours to get your best deal on Maine real estate property listings.

Good news to report. Forget setting your alarm clock for two in the morning or rolling out a sleeping bag in front of the big box store.

These deals, blue light specials. They happen all day and night long and through out the calendar year.

Big supply, less demand and being parked up here in the northeast corner of the country make it always the low price for real estate listings, properties for sale in Maine.

We have blogged about Black Friday, Cyber Monday Maine real estate deals. And how they are not limited to just a small window of time to stock up.

And explained that kid in a candy store excitement always surrounds buying the listed properties for sale in Maine.

The inventory is always three and four times less than the buyer from out of state or the country expects to find. Asking is there a misprint? And why are prices on property listings for sale in Maine, the real estate so so low? What is wrong?

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Cheap Maine Real Estate Property Listings For Sale

What is it about a bargain, "always the low price" as Wally World boasts?

Searching, out, finding cheap Maine real estate property listings is no different.The same thrill of getting more for less.hulstrunk set maine house

When online or local buyers start the hustle.

Shake and bake to find the lowest price for the most property out there.

In the study of what is for sale currently on the open market to consider.

Carefully stocking the shelves has to happen. Very well on the cheap Maine land for sale offerings that is one popular category to keep robust. Hot, steaming and ready to serve up like a 24 hour buffet.

No appointment needed for the sit down feast.

In small rural Maine real estate markets it is not all about just homes, houses on the chopping block either.

The beauty of our Northern Maine real estate market is the prices are always divide by three, four or more. On what most out of state property buyers expect to pay. When opening the wallet or purse and saying "ahhhhhhh".

The lower to the ground prices make it easier to adjust to other cheaper Maine goods and services too. Has to be that way because the discretionary spending is lower in Maine.

We get value, buy what we need not just want. And exhibit better spending impulse control. Do a lot of bartering, trading for services too.

Examples of some low cost homes for sale in Maine? Well for instance, how about a home in Ludlow Maine for $15,000? Heck the drilled well, concrete septic system, over acre of Maine land in the country is worth that. But wait there is more.

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Events, Things To Do In Northern Maine In June.

What to do for fun in Northern Maine, what recreational options exist in "The County"?

Well pace yourself. Lots happens year round in Aroostook, the largest of the sixteen Maine counties.

It just starts with picking a season. A month or week in it. So many of the four color brochures for parts of Maine show little time put into keeping them fresh, current and pertinent. pies cooloing in maine camp photo

So you have to dig deeper.

To find the juiciest, sometimes most elusive but memorable. 

Word of mouth from the locals is the best source but gee.

You might miss something that is rich and rewarding but just under publicized. Not thousand watt marketed to spread the word. To reach out to the masses.

The best experiences in Northern Maine are not highly publicized.

Which keeps them special, intimate and away from the distraction of commercial hoopla. The marketing blitz surrounding many tourist attractions in Maine. That demand a high volume of participants to underwite and monitize them.

So here goes to delve into a list of suggestions of stuff to do in Northern Maine.

An attempt to digitally splash some events that happen yearly in Northern Maine. That you return to and hopefully feel part of as the year's tick by. Looking forward to the next event in Northern Maine as soon as the last one is in the history books.

For starters, Houlton Maine is the County Seat or "Shiretown" of this northern section of "Vacationland". In the beginning, Joseph Houlton and the gang set up shop just after the 1800's barely started to roll.

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