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Places To Eat, Houlton Maine Restaurants, Diners, Take Out, Drive Thru.

You are some kind of hungry, could eat a horse.

It happens at least three times each day and this time you find yourself in Houlton Maine. Wondering about places to eat. What are there for restaurants in Houlton Maine? You can hear your stomach grumbling. Getting light headed too.

Don't let the small town size population, all this natural space of Northern Maine fool you. houlton maine photo

Plenty of out to eat in Houlton Maine dining options to please the fussiest palate or hearty appetite.

Lots of church suppers, farmer's museum and snow sled club spreads being put on around the calendar year as well.

What time of day has a bearing on the where you are going to be putting the napkin in your lap. Tucking one in your neck collar.

Middle of the night means swing into the Big Stop just off Interstate 95's Houlton Maine exit. Look up at the board. Breakfast served all day. A variety of specials, seafood, steaks,poultry and fantastic desserts stacked sky high.

Going round and round in the multi level glass, lighted display case. Loaded with pies, puddings, cobblers, luscious cakes to die for day or night. Serving up tasty food round the clock because they never close. The crew,  Greg, Kathy, the staff are friendly. No waiting around and wondering where's my order.

The location easy to work with when you are hungry. Need directions, some local advice from the servers. Then fuel up, do your business, leave any which way but not hungry from the Big Stop in Houlton Maine. You just don't want to not have to pay an arm and a leg. Give up a duplicate organ to settle up for the meal right?

Buses for tourists, sporting teams and holiday travelers, truckers can always find a warm, clean, menu rich in selection.

But easy on your wallet when it comes to time to eat in Houlton Maine.

houlton farms dairy barHear that dinner bell ringing? I do writing this blog post on Houlton Maine restaurant options.

And considering the options when it is done, time to hit the "publish" button.

Other places to dine, just across the street from the Big Stop.

Find the Lounge Downunder, part of the Shiretown Motel complex. Like Ivey's Motel with a food menu to tap at the bar. That is just a whisker away, to the south of the Big Stop.

Lighter dining fare, pub style food is hot and ready. Available to eat along with socializing. Slurping your favorite beverage refreshment. Listening to live music bands and the kids jumping, laughing, using an indoor pool. All makes relaxing at the Shiretown extra special adding to all this good food.

To put it over the top for your motel stay in Houlton Maine. Spending time exploring and discovering Houlton Maine. Where all the major highways, US Rt 1, 2, 2A and Interstate 95 connect to the Trans Canada highways. Houlton Maine is the capital seat, the "Shiretown for Aroostook, Maine's largest of the sixteen counties.

Use the picnic tables and public restrooms at the Tourist Information Center in Houlton Maine another low cost, quick option. When you open your own cooler, picnic basket of home andy ice cream maine photomade meals. To spread on the outdoor dining canopied picnic table.

Or select from food picked up at Shop and Save, Andy's IGA, County Yankee big grocery stores to go.How about fresh fruit, traveling light and healthy?

Or a couple hot and ready pizzas from a long list of take out corner stores?

The Tourist Information Center is here to stretch your legs, get out from behind that wheel.

Stopping the feeling of being held too tightly. All belted in, sitting down and needing to take a much deserved traveling break.

Just off the interstate exit 302 as you turn left, head north, turning left onto the Ludlow Road. End up being just across from Walmart store #1974.

That is where the attractive Ward Log Home information center is to stock up on brochures for things to do.

To the North on US Rt 1 as you travel you will see on the left "The Horn, Catering And Events" facility.

A "relocated in from Island Falls" to Houlton Maine restaurant with a variety of offerings from lots of countries. Their samplers, the entertainment and theme dining help make it more than just the food for the meal out  experience. Nancy and Bill are your hosts. Take in a meal at the dinner theatres that happen around the calendar. houlton fair food photo

In Houlton Maine you have your Tim Hortons, Burger King, Dunkin' Donuts, Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds too.

When time is ticking, you are just passing through and needing to keep logging those important miles. To get to your final destination.

To the north, into Atlantic Canada to the east. West to Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park.

Houlton Maine is parked smack dab on the Canadian border with Carleton County. Just across the International boundary. For more dining offerings to consider leaving the country if you have your valid passport. Canada is just a hop, skip and a jump to the east.

Hit the Houlton Maine state fair on the 4th of July week for that foot long Italian sausage.

A white powdery sugared dough boy, the fluffy pink and blue cotton candy. Or an Elk's Club supper, a Rotary lunch all year long if you time it right on your road trip to Houlton Maine.

The Bus, The Camp are two take out options. To overlook the Meduxnkeag River, the park and Houlton Amphitheatre behind Cary Library. Make it a pizza burger, those home made french fries with the skins on. Some ketchup and vinegar to add the zing. Outdoor dining in Houlton Maine. Priceless.

It all depends on the time, the budget, the mood that strikes you dining in Houlton Maine.

Options for where, what to eat in our beautiful Victorian downtown are many. Using locally grown produce. Oh look. On the way south on US Rt 1 (North Street) as you head for Market Square, The Tang Chinese Cuisine comes up quickly on your right.

Keep your eyes peeled for the colorful fluttering tall flags over the front glass door entrance. Friendly family run and you can not beat the low price, high value buffet. The best meal deal. Among the proudly serving dining group of places to eat in Houlton Maine.

Another Asian table dining table spread option restaurant exists where the owner is in the house too. In Southern Aroostook Maine, The Taste Of China awaits a visit. Provides you, your family, new and old friends yet another dining venue for food from the Far East. Find the Taste Of China on Military Street on the old way to the Houlton ME / Canadian border crossing.

Next to the Houlton Farms Dairy Bar that has hot weather take out of ice cream varieties. For the recharging cool off with frozen delicacies remedy for whatever ails you in the summer heat.

Eating dessert first, last, as a snack in between to assure some small pleasure. In a fun life living in the moment is sometimes a great idea right? Made with only the freshest, finest ingredients. From happy local cows and not using growth hormones in the maine collage photosdairy farming process.

Lucky to have this Houlton Farms Dairy in our area for all the products produced locally! On Maine family farms.

As you arrive in Downtown Houlton Maine, get ready for mouth watering, stomach satisfying sessions dining at The Vault, The Courtyard Cafe, Shelley's Bakery, Sadie's Bakery, The County Co Op.

Just a few of the options for food, when you are on empty and needing something to eat in Houlton Maine. Walk around, hit a Temple Theatre digital movie, the well stocked granite Cary Library in Houlton Maine.

To the west on US Rt 2A, the Shamrock is a clean, fun place to eat for sandwiches, soups, chowders and wraps.

They are on Bangor Street on the way to the well known Elm Tree Diner. Both await you to try them out. Open the door. Slide behind a table, into a booth. Take a seat at the counter to order at the Elm Tree Diner in Houlton Maine. For a South of the Border Mexican omelet my favorite there.

Or go a little further out you go. And steam the lobster you picked up from Shop and Save, Andy's IGA back in Houlton when you first got off Exit 302 of Interstate 95.

Cook those denisons of the deep, your steamed clams and other vittles maine apple cider photolakeside.

Grillin' and chillin', chatting it up at the Tall Timber Lodge on the shores of beautiful Drews Lake.

Check out the lodging in Houlton Maine for camps, cabins link here.

Or keep heading west on US Rt 2A for Grammy's Restaurant. Just before the four corners of Linneus Maine. WARNING: Large Loads Of Food Ahead. Grammy's Restaurant is a place you go in hungry, leave satisfied. That empty feeling gone.

Backing away from the table slowly.

But carrying little white boxes of what could not be finished. Saved for later snacking. Generous, family sized portions are no secret. Whether you snow sled, ATV four wheeler trail, hoof it or arrive by vehicle to Grammy's Restaurant for eating a meal away from home.

Out in Smyrna Maine, one exit back on Interstate 95 at the "291" mile marker, you missed another dining going out to eat option.

Turn on the blinker, tool into the big parking lot of the Smryna Plaza Motel, Brookside Inn Restaurant. All you can eat specials, made with handed down family secret recipes. The Brookside is an option for dining in the Houlton Maine area. Meet some neat locals too and strike up a conversation to learn more about Southern Aroostook County.

Or, one more, in the immediate Greater Houlton Maine dining area, The Blue Moose.

On the snow sled trail, the west side of US Rt 1 in Monticello Maine, the Blue Moose is a hand made log cabin. Opening up from an open porch with front and rear dining sections.

Warm up by the wood stove while reaching for your hot or coldest favorite beverage. Ask for the Bob's Surprise or daily specials priced to please as much as the food you enjoy at the Blue Moose Restaurant.

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