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Welcome To Patten, Maine!

The Story

Patten ME, Think Scenery, Sporting Camps, Farms, Lumbering Operations.

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Patten Maine, Mt Katahdin Always In The Background!

Patten ME is at the top of Penobscot County and near the north entrance to Baxter State Park where Mt Katahdin sits.

The town was named after Amos Patten who in 1828 purchased  township 6 range 4 because it was a breadbasket for lumber. Wall to wall timber. Loaded with hard and softwood species needed for building buildings, ships, bridges, everything not steel.

The town of Patten Maine incorporated in 1841.

Fertile farm soil for potatoes helped make not just forestry the main source of income and jobs in Patten.

Tourism done more on a small individual scale and without the feeling of being tractor beamed into a commercial slick expensive tourist trap. That’s Patten Maine.

Independent and each sporting business shining in their own special way. Patten Maine business owners are down to Earth. Not driven by the almighty dollar.

That’s not the feeling you get vacationing on Shin Pond, or at a sporting camp stay at neighboring Mt Chase township.

The Lumbermen’s Museum is in Patten Maine has bean hole bean suppers, is a trip back into the many historical advances in the lumbering industry.

The museum on RT 159 leaving town offering a view of Mt Katahdin across the road is here to remember the rich history trees played in the Northern township Of Patten Maine’s growth.

A little over 1000 friendly souls call Patten ME home full time.

Panoramic scenery in the level to rolling terrain of Patten ME means travelers, don’t forget your camera.

atv snowsled trail maps
ATV Snowmobile Trails In Patten Maine Area.

The hospitality of Patten ME sporting camps does not stop at servicing deer, black bear, game birds or moose hunters. It caters to more than anglers wanting to wet their line looking for fresh water fish.

ATV four wheeling, snow sledding is big and the Patten Maine recreation trails are many in number.

Well groomed, signed, maintained to perfection.

Unlike other areas of Maine that are too close to population centers, the snow sled and ATV trails are not over used or rutted up to make them tedious or dangerous.

The local people spread out and with plenty of elbow room are friendlier, more helpful. The wildlife more plentiful. The air and water cleaner. Maine, the way life should be.

That’s Patten Maine to a “t”.

Hunt, fish, relax. Bring the family and get ready to hike, bike, camp and picnic in Patten ME in Penobscot County. Katahdin RSU 89 school administration serves the educational needs of the Patten ME area.

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How To Get Here

Heading North on Interstate 95? Keep the pair of eyes you wear peeled for the Sherman exit of the super I-95 highway.

Head up Rt 11 to the town of Patten ME and along the way pass the elementary and high school on each side of your highway. Rt 11 is the backway up through Aroostook County, this section of Penobscot County. Coming over from US RT 2 you can hit the Rt 159 connector to arrive at Patten ME from the east.

The strong connection of recreational trails means you don’t have to use paved public ways to get around either. The best settings, the wildlife spotting happens off the trail where you don’t need a license plate to open up this Great North Woods section of “The Crown of Maine” in Vacationland.

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Things To Do For Fun

Besides the Lumbermen’s Museum in Patten, bring your kayak and canoe.

Plan to do some boating, swimming in the nearby lakes that surround Patten ME. There is a public library, houses of worship, a modern large clean full service grocery store and much more.

Eateries, hardware, lots of commerce happens in this out post of Penobscot County.

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Snowshoeing Around Patten Maine.

Being this close to Baxter Park means lots of outings through the North Entrance gate. Not just to climb Mt Katahdin, Maine’s highest peak just shy of a mile tall. But all the other surrounding hills and mountains of all sizes and trail difficulty.

Patten ME is an outdoor’s destination.

Unless it is raining, or later at night and you are playing cribbage “up tah camp” or feasting on home cook locally sourced food from the farm to the table. Amish families, settlements in Sherman, Smyrna, East Hodgdon also add to the atmosphere of agriculture that has bloomed again.

Maine has the 4 times more micro farmers than any other states according to what I gleaned online.

Patten Maine has fertile farm soil to work, to harvest.

Plan to buy and enjoy local farm produce and remember Houlton Farms Dairy serves the stores and restaurants, sporting camps in the Patten ME area. Nothing compares to this dairy delicacy.

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I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers your host and here to gratefully serve you.

Looking forward to providing the best insider local information from a native passionate about living here. Let me share what living here as a native I can offer you!

Thank you for visiting our Maine real estate website and we will work hard to show you the ropes, the lay of the land. To give you the small town community online tour perspective the best way possible to educate and not waste your time.

You get involved living in small Maine towns like Patten Maine.

I do. You will too. You will fit in just perfectly. Proud member of the state and national REALTOR associations. Past president of the Aroostook REALTOR Council, Rotary Club, Chamber Of Commerce, the Southern Aroostook Growth Council and Drews Lake Property Owners Association. Past chairman of the Houlton Zoning Board. Have snow sledded all over the Patten / Mt Chase area in Northern ME and have stories to exchange. Call, Text, Email, Come Visit MOOERS REALTY!

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