4 Or More Bedroom Homes For Sale In Maine.

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The property listing order comes into the email server or voice mail with a buyer on the hunt for 4 or more bedroom homes for sale in Maine.

Family sizes smaller these days and less of a need for the larger station wagon size housing rides? 4 or more bedroom homes for sale in houlton maine photo

The size of the housing container need is just as big or even larger in many cases.

If you consider more in-laws are coming to your home to roost and you return the favor of providing the nesting for their Golden Years.

Or divorces on the rise mean your daughter and two of the sweetest grandchildren are going to be at the family table full time.

You add two extra table leafs to handle the additional plates and chairs. Because of economics for one of your children who needs help getting back on their feet, with the raising her kids. Just like when you add more children, blend families and pets from a new marriage. And your three, my four and any extras that show up in the mine, yours, ours in the kid head count. The kidlets have to sleep somewhere.

Larger homes that some would shun for size and maintenance expenses, heating costs are highly attractive to others who would be too cramped in anything small like a two bedroom ranch.

There is another reason the call comes in for 4 or more bedroom homes for sale in Maine too. The job is at home, online and needs an office studio to pull off that part of life’s gig. So when we list a home in Maine for sale, I always think of the possible uses. For the many buyers with different needs out in the real estate audience.

That extra property listing space is pointed out for the possible extended family use, the hobbies of the buyer’s lifestyle today, but also that it might work just fine for the home business. That can be a telecommute traveling to work on the copper or glass or through thin air. Or for the portion of the home where a goods or service is peddled. Mixing business with pleasure in the newly listed home for sale in Maine.

 The lifestyle pursuits, the hobbies the Maine home buyer brings with them to continue in the new Vacationland street or road address.

More bedrooms means extra helpings of other living and work space too. Which could mean using the finished carriage house for a wood working shop. To restore the old 1959 Ford “Square Bird” car or Chevy Nomad wagon of the same year. Maybe the area to build canoes from scratch, to rescue old boats that long to see water again. Or pets, animals treated like family or large in number all need their space. So larger Maine real estate houses are needed. ludlow home with four bedrooms photo

It prompts the request for those 4,5,6 and more bedroom homes with all the additional rooms that will serve a purpose for the new house buyer. 

Sometimes the extra bedroom is the space designated by the new buyer for the old doll, sports trophy, stuffed game collection or to do their writing, to create their art, Maybe to blog (smile). Photography set ups need some space. These extra bedrooms in the count above 2,3 are put into service. Or have pull outs for guests.

When you live in rural Maine, a little further away from population centers, the day to get here trip means overnight company.

So the extra bedrooms even though not used daily, are pretty important when large families, the wave of friends vacationing land in your front driveway. Have had the home buyer specify wanting the other extreme for bedrooms too.

Because they are running away from their kids and cousins and inlaws that are treated like outlaws.

So like the card game “Fish”, the question about “got any ones, twos” for bedroom homes in Maine for sale comes up daily too. These folks don’t like company or the kind they attract that take advantage of their stay.

These are people the new small home owner gives the local places to stay, lodgding in Houlton Maine link or list. And say good night, see you in the morning for breakfast at a local Houlton Maine restaurant eatery. maine coastal homes are big photo

When a property is a 4 or more bedroom home for sale in Maine, there are extra rooms in other areas of the listing.

You get a formal dining room to go with the everyday one. Not a corner of the kitchen dubbed “dining area” and that’s all the builder provided for eating out of the kitchen. To avoid TV trays and food spillage in the den or living room. The small homes with no dining rooms we see push the glass sliders to the big open deck for outdoor nibbling on grilled food.

The grand older Victorian homesteads had butler pantries, summer kitchens and were a step up from the humble log camp like structures the early Houlton Maine settlers were forced to use. Until development of mills, the experienced tradesmen population the vast woods of Northern Maine.

The bedroom count was not just from under one roof line either. The eight bedrooms could mean a half dozen in the main residences, another two in the area gramp and gram hung out. When trading places with the new younger family that needed more bedrooms as the stork deliveries piled up. Have lots of main homes, guest houses in Maine pop up in the real estate listing inventory.

Year’s ago, the big 4 or more bedroom homes in Maine were to house large families with plenty of kids.Andy Mooers, maine realtor photo

Or someone working their room and board who helped out with the big brood and needed space for their shut eye.

In my area of Maine, Ricker College create the extra students who went to school during the day but helped the household putting them up during the off time.

Hired hands working the fields, in the wood lot, around the barn on a Maine farm also used those back shed chambers, the rear bedrooms that had an extra utility stairway. Sleeping and sawing logs from long days of toiling on the farm. And the meals, the sleeping arrangements part of the earning your keep on the Maine farm.

These hired laborers, the right hand man on the farm ended up sparser rear bedrooms or up over a bunk room of sorts in the shed. Or attached garage and machine storage areas when it was up and at ’em for the early morning chores.

So if you are looking for 4 or more bedroom homes for sale in Maine, I can help you out today.

Whenever you are ready, help on how to do it is here. Answers to hard and easy real estate questions are at your fingertips. All sizes of acreage, houses, commercial properties or something parked by the water front. We list, market, sell them all. Even the larger sized homes in Maine to fit the real estate listings needs for the property buyer desiring larger square footage housing.

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