Amity – How To Get Here


Welcome To Historic, Friendly Amity, Maine!

How To Get Here

Small towns don’t have airports, train stations, super highway exits. Like most Maine towns, Amity is one of those kind of communities. You can head north on Interstate 95 and take the Lincoln exit and cut across Chester to hit US RT 2A to Haynesville to cross on the Ferry Road or Danforth Road to hit US Rt 1. Lincoln to Springfield on Rt 169 will get you to Danforth for the left to get on US Rt 1. You will pass through the gorgeous East Grand Lake chain of waterways and enjoy the Million Dollar View in Weston if you do on the way to Amity located just above Orient.

Heading south from Houlton Maine on US Rt 1, you will pass Hodgdon, Cary Plantation and hit Amity. It’s that easy. The snow sled and ATV four wheeler trails are another way to access the Aroostook County town. I would not suggest coming in from the Canadian side which has lots of manpower and technology protecting the International border from both sides!

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