Aroostook County Properties For Sale, Learn More About The Listing Area.

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Aroostook County, Maine’s largest of the sixteen is known for low cost property listings.

Much more too that comes with unspoiled natural surroundings in this big, not so well publicized area of Maine. That is a row back from the hoopla of sea coasts, lighthouses, salt air and tasty fish. maine lake sunset photo

Pass the Maine potatoes please.

All four seasons, outdoor recreation shines brightly without the traffic, commercialism or crime in Aroostook County.

Less people, a little ways off the beaten path.

Loaded up with a large supply of affordable real estate.

It all agrees with folks investing in Aroostook County properties.

That always comes with a healthy, extra helping or two of land acreage for good measure. To provide plenty of elbow room to enjoy the space best.

Bordered on the east, north, west by Canada, Northern Maine / Aroostook County is in its own world. Houlton Maine is the County Seat or Shiretown.

And along with surrounding towns all make the Crown of Maine shine brightly. Trails to explore by foot, on skis, snow sled or ATV make Northern Maine accessible but pathways preserved, protected. Sit down, relax, look around. You are lucky to be in Aroostook County Maine!

The attitude in Aroostook County is tread lightly, respect the surroundings.

And when accessing Aroostook County, land use of others is a priviledge, not a right. Like other people’s opinions, being sensitive to their feelings, you respect their property too!farmer market in maine photo

Come for a visit to learn about the heritage of Aroostook County.

To attend local events and meet the hard working, family first, community minded folks who populate the northern section of Maine.

Aroostook County is the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined.

With eleven people per square mile. To assure the surroundings are unspoiled, all natural for generations to come. No pushing, shoving, crowding happens in Northern Maine. Ever.

Aroostook County is an ideal spot to vacation, to micro farm, to manage a woodlot, to retire or raise a family.

Whether full time, part of the year or just a dream for somewhere down the road, Aroostook County is worth considering. To spend time, to invest your hard earned dollars to own a piece of it to pass on to the next generation.

I love where I live in Aroostook County. Am anxious to hear your questions, about the area. About the low cost real estate listings, properties for sale in Aroostook County Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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