As The Real Estate Seasons Turn, Spring In Maine.

nest maine bird home photo

In spring in Maine, a young real estate broker’s attention, focus turns to exterior picture taking.

Shooting video loops of what is going on around the outside of the property listing taken when snow drifts were forming on the front and side, rear lawns.

Spring is never a wake up one day and winter is gone.

The transition into mud season while the frost disappears and oozes up from the surface of the ground can be a two week or longer affair. nest maine bird home photo

This spring in Maine we had a lot of winter snow unlike Colorado that feeds California with their water supply.

No drought in Maine this spring or any of them for high water for the Maine canoe and kayak races now underway for paddlers chasing the circuit.

So back to the thoughts, whims of the Maine real estate broker. I showed three properties yesterday that were new listings. Was able to snap lots of images of the exteriors around some Maine homes.

That are better than the snow ones look from a few months back. But still not quite the right timing for rich green grass. For developed buds, leaves on the tree.

And yard work in Maine door yards this spring is like an air raid siren is sounding.

Everyone that did not snow blow, has grooves, rolled back turf in piles that in places still have ice, snow mixed under them. The dark covering of sod shields and slows the return to spring programing around Maine properties. As winter hangs on but has long lost the battle as spring marches in.

Raking, leaves collected along with patching back the sod and adding top soil to fill the ruts. Window bloxes for flowers being dug out, dusted off and rehung. Coiled garden hoses drug out of dark garage storage.

Screwed on, used to remove road dust and salt sanding deposits of the sides of Maine homes.farmer market in maine photo

Still early for planting seedlings but where to get them thinking ahead happens inside the head.

Or transplants of the young tender plants from your own stock.

Home grown, started inside a few weeks back in the peat pots is well underway in many Maine homes.

So for about another week, the urge has to be delayed into what has to happen.

In the Maine home video and still image shooting of a place with brown grass, piles of lawn.

Scattered dead branches to bend over and pick up.

Escorted to the wooded sections of a property for decay or to be hauled away depending on the amount of limbage.

The Maine home snow plow operator lifted his blade early this winter.

But it dug in, went low in ground not frozen, not ready to skim. Explaining the reason for deeper regions of the property awfully scarred. Being scattered with dirt piles, old lawn explosions littering it.

As the snow deposits were winged back, pushed to the rear. To allow for making room for more snow as the winter progressed. And to avoid the call for an expensive payloader operator.

This weekend there is a Maine canoe race I hope to be in and property owners, me included will be working on the lawns.

Rain water, sunshine, grass seed and hay covering over new loam dumped and leveled is the RX the property listings for sale in Maine need. Because the images used in the marketing over the late spring, summer, fall better be “ripe” and not picked, plucked, photo shopped too early.

So snow banks are gone, grass is slow to green but thoughts of better service the lawn mower before you climb on or push from behind time is needed. Maine properties are just waiting for the turn your head and smile, say cheese.

Stay tuned as new Maine real estate videos, photo arrays on each property listing that needs it. To make sure the gets the special attention the Maine real estate deserves, the sellers and buyers should expect.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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