Awkward Moments In Real Estate Conversations.

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It happens, awkward moments in real estate conversations.

When everything is sailing along beautifully. Then a pregnant pause and maine lake view photonext the other shoe is dropped.

The buyer for a property listing you first meet shares he has been looking for eight years.

Can not find what he wants.

As the real estate agent or broker, the take away from the comment leads to a couple more questions.

That beg to be asked. Why is it that after eight years, and not so favorable comments about many real estate agents or brokers dealt with one by oneso poorly is that?

Often the explanation of how badly our brethren real estate professionals did to try and serve them creates a gut feeling. Shows soon I am about to hop on the list of disappointments in this buyer’s set of peeper’s cross-hairs.

Because the expectations of the limited price range with the “gotta have” list is way way too high. Out of whack. And it boils down to like a doctor or lawyer asked for help, you can not assist them. The buyer or seller won’t hear of it, even if the advice given is the best we can do in this particular real estate situation.

Everybody is a nice person way down deep, you want to help as a trained real estate agent or broker.

But no flexibility to ease up on the unreasonable demands is all that is forth coming. So the long search for whatever the real estate dream situation is hungered for can bring it all home. To come to an end.

With a happy conclusion that this is the best you can do with the money being spent, the obstacles and contingencies surrounding the less than simple straight forward property listing sale.

I love a challenge and never run away from tough situations that need creative solutions to pull them off in a timely manner. But sometimes the white flag has to be waved.maine lake deck chair photo

Other awkward moments in a real estate sale can be brought up in discussions  of the commisson.

They come up and linger.

Even though the seller and the agent, broker have discussed, agreed on compensation right up front.

And no one gets paid until the property transfer deal concludes is reminded. If there is actually is scheduled an honest to goodness closing on the real estate for sale.

To lead to the cutting the check with your name on it. The sliding the keys part at the end of the real estate trail.

If the sale happens quickly because the agent, real estate broker got on the horn and made sure the listing was launched completely and quickly.

And one of the prospects he or she had in mind steps forward because they houlton maine photoliked what you sent them.

Found them as a hey, lightbulb moment.

In the flirting with buyers out of state or the country online and locally.

That could be a good match, a perfect fit for this property. Known  because of careful notes taken outlining their real estate needs upfront.

Those happening quickly and not dragging on for two listing period real estate sales can appear too easy if a buyer appears without delay because of our on the ball efforts.

And pretty good timing. So here it comes. The request to can we reshuffle the deck, renegotiate the fees spelled out on the listing paperwork they signed, agreed to not so long ago?

Another awkward moment that can surface in real estate conversations. When the seller decides half the commission is more than enough.

Often the real estate sale we all hope is going to happen but life can take over and personal events can derail the progress.

Death, disease, divorce, lay offs are big blows to recover from and send everyone to the mat. Hitting hard and below the belt like a sucker punch.

We strive to remove the obstacles that strait jacket, keep everyone needing to get a maine lake view photopersonal invite to the closing.

That may still not come together.

And happen at all despite our best efforts.

Just finding a buyer is often the easiest  part for a real estate listing agent and broker.

But we are far from the finish line ribbon tape yet. Have lots of potentials for buyers. But getting them bankable continues to plague some in the maybe they can, then no they don’t qualify signals from the bank mortgage loan underwriters.

Getting them through the bank loan process, overcoming the loose ends the property listing presents to the appraiser who raises one eyebrow.

And makes some sharp edge concerns in the evaluation paperwork for the bank comment notations.

All the expenses that creep up to smooth out are wrinkles that can cause looks from the seller, buyer too. Tag teaming and aimed in the direction of the good old real estate professional(s). Do something. You’re the trained expert right?

As the one to dig into that large potential commission and take on the role as the one that doles out the money in the real estate sale.

Whittle and slice it down to a small sliver. Not because the buyer or seller can not afford to take on the role as their maine mt katahdin photopart in the real estate sale exercise.

But just each does not want to, and anyone but the buyer or seller is welcome.

To do what needs doing.

Step right up. To hold the sale together and subsidize the real estate transaction with open the wallet. Not just lending a hand to facilitate. Putting the commission money where that part stops and money talks takes over. Before everyone walks.

As if it was the real estate agent, broker’s life and death depended on it. It was their own personal real property being sold.

We feel personally involved but to a point because we are not buyers, sellers.

Just facilitators, navigators, problem solvers, not magicians. 

Awkward moments in real estate conversations can also include the seller who does not like the realistic value figure that needs to be reflected in the listing price for the property.andy mooers derby kids photo

And gets red faced. Breathing harder and slamming his fist on the kitchen table.

Saying more than once “I am not going to give away the property listing. I don’t have to sell”.

It is up to the real estate professional tapped on the shoulder to orchestrate the sale.

To keep setting the expectations, reworking the timetable as we hopefully inch forward.

But may have to say hold it.

At the point in the sales process when the wrong direction is contemplated.

Like “let’s raise the price by a third of what it is being marketed for”. To put out, extinguish the sale chance odds of ever happening.

Even getting close to finish line property settlement wrap up paperwork signing.

The comment that “maybe the price is too low and scaring people, buyers for the real estate away” is as flawed logic as the seller expecting double or  more than the sale price.

To tack on the cost of the move halfway across the country, to pay off their car loan and educate two of their kids.

Those above and beyond charges have nothing to do with the real estate value and sale price picked.

To go with the property listing marketing two step to hopefully have the clear to close memo circulated before we all end up in a nursing home or pass away at a ripe old age. 

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