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Getting a mortgage, the lenders, local home loan banks in Houlton Maine.

This blog post will help you identify who is local for home loan banks to obtain financing to mortgage a house or other property listing. The addresses, contact numbers to follow in this post on mortgage lending banks servicing Northern Maine real estate saves you time.

Dealing with local bank lenders for a mortgage in Houlton Maine just makes sense on so so many levels.

It makes a big difference in turn around times, the expense of time and money for all the closing costs borrowing from a bank lender.

If you end up using a local Maine mortgage home loan lender things go so so much smoother.

You need a bank in Maine to save your money in, buy a car, save up for Christmas and college too right? Use a local Northern Maine bank for your home loan mortgage lending is the best advice I can provide you.

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Finding A Home Loan From A Houlton Maine Bank Lender In The Area. Local Matters For Lots Of Good Reasons. Use A Local Houlton ME Area Bank Lender For The Best Experience.

First, you are supporting the local economy and want to be a good member of the community you are investing in. And because there is a shortage of residential real estate appraisers.

The local Houlton Maine bank home loan lenders get the best servicing from the ones we do have in the area.

Save time. Nothing works faster than the connection on the local level that happens by picking up a phone. Bumping into the people in the community that push the home loan mortgage levers.

 Working with the local bank mortgage loan arranger and using those licensed real estate appraisers living and practicing in northern Maine just works best.

There is no debate on that.

 So on with the show, here’s who you have on tap for financing when you need a home loan mortgage on property in Northern Maine, Southern Aroostook County.

Again remember, local banking works best for faster, friendlier property buying. You are  supporting the local economy. Dealing with folks who live in your area, not multiple states away in a different time zone.
Tap the local home town advantage for Houlton Maine bank mortgage lending first.

 More on why local lending on Maine home mortgages, title work, insurance is hands down the way to go.

 Starting at the beginning of the alphabet, the first financial institution with sticks and bricks in Houlton Maine is Bangor Savings Bank. Located on the corner of Court Street ( US RT 1 ) and Military Street, the physical address for mail and your GPS setting is 38 Court Street. P.O. Box 764. The location is directly across from the Houlton ME Post Office. Reach out to Jody Harvey, branch manager at 207.532.4001.
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Email address for Bangor Savings Bank is . BSB has about 56 branches around the state of Maine to serve all your banking needs.

The County Federal Savings and Loan merged with the Houlton Federal Credit Union.

The mortgage lending bank merger moved everything from downtown Market Square up to the higher exposure US RT 1 North Road brand new location.

The Houlton Credit Union was housed where years ago Chain Apparel clothing store was located with a bargain basement. Then Portland Savings Bank, People Bank used this location in Market Square for mortgage lending and making local loans.

The physical address is 247 North Street Houlton Maine ( US RT 1 ). It is the second property on the right heading north after you take the Houlton Maine I-95 Exit 302. Call 207.532.7658. Ask for Sharon Woodworth at the credit union branch. Hit up the County Federal Credit Union in Houlton Maine if you hunting down a mortgage product and need financing help.

Look Mom, no lending. Cash buyers are the easiest to deal with because no delay, no paperwork, no appraisal process or mortgage underwriting.

With cash you go to the head of the line and hit the check out. But financing a property purchase makes real estate mortgage lending necessary. And the Houlton Maine area has lots of options for local bank lenders to save time and money in the usual six to eight week mortgage lending underwriting process.
Link up with the local professional who is going to be your new neighbor. That you will get to know volunteering in the community. In small Maine towns you establish relationships for life and the circles we travel are smaller, tightly connected.

You want you bank mortgage lender to be part of the community. Not far away, detached or impersonal right?

 You no doubt will need other lending products for a car, college, etc and the local lender you know is the way to roll. Support the local economy by checking first with area lenders set up for financing and who know the lay of the land. Avoid unnecessary delays, added expenses or both by picking the local professional who has a stake in the local economy. We do see our share of gypsy, out of town mortgage lenders.
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As promised, back to the list of local outlets for money to make a mortgage. Katahdin Trust has an operations center and a local Houlton Maine branch too.

Check with branch manager Annette Beaton at 207.532.4277. Katahdin Trust is located at 67 North Street, right next to Mooers Realty‘s Houlton branch real estate office.

In Downtown Houlton Maine, at 32 Market Square find the lobby of Key Bank. Tap 207.532.6557.

Ask for Key Bank Branch Manager Devon Cote who hails from Caribou. Devon is new, anxious to help you get the home mortgage loan lending underway. What is the best route and rate to fit your financial banking needs? Local Houlton Maine mortgage loan bank lending works best.

Key Bank has an ATM in Houlton Maine, Aroostook County’s oldest town. Visit the ATM next to, just south of McDonalds when you need cash traveling. Devon recently replaced retiring Key Bank branch manager Robert Faulkner.

 Machias Savings Bank at 138 North Street is another mortgage banker in Houlton Maine.

 Punch the digits, 207.532.7996. To get hold of Machias Savings Bank. That is the correct number combination to get you in touch with bank lending mortgage financial help for whatever you are purchasing. Cheryl Locke is the branch manager in Houlton Maine.
Jackie Morse also helps out with things at the Danforth Maine branch in Washington County, her home town. Here’s the Machias Savings Bank map with locations to serve you in Maine. The lending is processed on the coast of Maine, in Downeast which is one pretty location to visit, to live.

Owner financing Maine land happens to make a property sale possible saving time, expense and in cases when the real estate being mortgaged is a little harder to secure lending on.

 Some Maine home owners are in a position to carry a mortgage until the sale of the buyer’s old home. We can help you set up owner financing on your Maine property when you need to explore that lending option. Cash is king, sometimes owner financing happens for the lending on Maine real estate.

But back to the list of Banks in Houlton Maine, where to get your property mortgage. mainesunset25

TD Bank at 6 North Street Houlton Maine is one more option for local lenders in the Shiretown. At ATM machine is ready and waiting to spit out the money NASCAR quick at 289 North Street on US RT 1 in Houlton Maine.

Houlton Maine, the oldest town in Aroostook County!

Tap 207.532.9557 to get Margaret Cook, Jen Vega, other helpful bank personnel that can assist you with your mortgage product and bank lending rate questions.
TD Bank is where People’s Heritage was for years and the Andy’s IGA Foodliner before that. (C&G Foodliner way back before Bert  Daniels ran the grocery store.)

People’s Heritage, one busy mortgage lender in the day and formerly called Portland Savings Bank before the name change.

Confused? Banks move fast like any business to serve you better or to offer an ATM, drive through window, better parking, etc. Key Bank used to be Depositor’s Trust, then the First National Bank before that.

First Citizen Bank hung out a shingle for a short time and Bangor Savings Bank’s Houlton branch used to have a Fleet sign across from the Houlton post office location.

In the same spot where the Northland Hotel sat proudly for so many years. The corner opposite where the Houlton ME post office sits.

Thank you for following our blog post on show me the money, where to get a bank mortgage loan in Houlton Maine.

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Houlton Maine, Oldest Town in Aroostook County! 6 Local Mortgage Lending Banks For House, Home, Any ME Real Estate Loans!

Sometimes appraisers for your Maine home are needed. To show a Houlton Maine area mortgage banking institution the place is worth the selling price. Not everyone can plop down the cash on the barrel head to buy a house in Maine.

Life timing may dictate get a mortgage to make the purchase happen.

The list of the local area appraisers in Houlton Maine are below.

Craig Hartsgrove – Hartsgrove Appraisal – 207-267-0365

Julie Lee Byers – JB Appraisal Services, LLC 207-852-1969-cell, 207-884-8094-home

MOOERS REALTY also works with several other appraisers who travel a little further to fill the Houlton Maine area mortgage home loan appraisal valuation orders.

But you don’t, I don’t get to pick who in the request in for who performs the Houlton Maine appraisal order. Local Houlton Maine area banks making the mortgage home loan order and monitor whoever gets assigned the appraisal valuation order. Check back and we continue to obtain, add to this post on local bank mortgage lending options for the Houlton Maine area.

Local Houlton Maine home loan mortgage lending bank list video of who you gonna call or email above in this blog post!

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Houlton ME, Aroostook County’s Oldest Town!

Local banks, those work best for fast, hassle free and economical mortgage lending.

If the getting a mortgage home loan on a Maine property listing takes too long using a far away lender, then your seller may say pull the plug. “They can’t get the money to buy the Maine property” is what a property owner assumes.

When in reality, you just saddled up the wrong bank for the fastest, lowest cost in time and money way to get the mortgage lending done on your Maine real estate purchase.

MOOERS REALTY will let you know if new bank mortgage lending options come into play.

Some of these present mortgage outlets merge or have name changes so I need to update this blog post. You are current on contacts and the local lending information for now.

That’s your list of local bank mortgage home loan lenders in the Houlton Maine area.

Here to help buying or selling Maine real estate or answering local community information questions! Thank you for following our Maine real estate blog posts. Remember, local bank lending using Houlton ME mortgage outlets is faster, cheaper, no frustration delay getting your home, house, any kind of loan!

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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