Bed Bugs in Maine (Scratching Sound)

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geese like maine bed bugs no fun

Bed bugs in Maine (scratching sound).

Cute little ditty to make the kids go to bed at night about “don’t let the bed bugs bite”. But the topic of bed bugs. Not a conversation starter at a black tie and tails cocktail party. But they happen.

Bed bugs are about as much fun as Canadian geese that won’t leave your Maine property alone. Or too many pigeons that like living in a set of Maine farm buildings.

This blog post about Maine real estate, what to do and the landlord / tenant relationship concerning unwelcome guests, namely bed bugs.

Thinking you feel a bite at just the mention of the two words, bed bugs? I remember in Paris news a while back the story about lodging for a big event and a bed bug epidemic not helping the PR efforts was all over the news.

Beg bugs in Maine.

When you check in to motel and slide between sheets, do you think about how many folks before you did the same? It’s different than your home sweet home bed where you no doubt bought the mattress and only one, maybe two people have shared the close you eyes and sleep location.

maine horse barn
Everyone Has To Have A Place To Live. But No One Wants Bed Bugs In There Home Sweet Home.

In Maine, bed bugs don’t transmit any diseases.

But here’s how the state of Maine and bed bugs shakes it all down. Also, the Maine State Housing views bed bugs in “Vacationland” take on the topic. And the law, what is a landlord’s duty in Maine? What the state legislation says about Maine tenants and bed bugs situation.

The Maine landlord rental property manager or owner has five days to inspect for bed bugs once a tenant in writing or verbally puts them on notice.

Within ten days after that notice if indeed there is a case of bed bugs infestation at a property, a pest control agent must treat the property home or rental apartment. Like cock roaches, pigeons that make a mess of things around a farm property, you can take steps to deal with bed bugs.

A Maine landlord can not rent a property knowing there is a bed bug problem and must disclose the presence of “extra guests”.

How to check for bed bugs in a motel, what steps to take? The Internet is covered with blog posts and videos on the bed bug topic and how to tackle them. Using a dog to sniff them out, where to look, there is no shortage of bed bug news coverage.

One Maine school had a bed bug problem and this is how the problem was handled. ‘Super stressful’: Bed bugs discovered at Maine elementary school cause frustration – YouTube

The tenant and landlord work together to take care of bed bugs in a Maine rental unit.

August, September can be the worse months for bed bugs to take a hold and move into your home. Families coming back from end of summer vacations are a potential source of bed bugs as unwanted guests.

How to get rid of, to evict the bed bug, the of them step by step | How to Get Rid of Bedbugs: A Step-by-Step Guide (

There you have it, something for another Maine real estate blog post. Know the Maine law and best practices, the penalties for ignoring the pest problem.

Bed bugs can be dealt with and attacking the situation early on is the best course of action. Just knowing you can’t just ignore the problem is being in compliance with the Maine tenant / landlord rules and regulations regarding bed bug infestation large or small.

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