Before Real Estate Information, Property Details, Share The Area.

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 What is it like where the property listing for sale in Maine is located?

To a local real estate buyer, why tell the local community story? They just want to jump right into what is for sale. houlton maine court house photo

To begin the sorting, matchmaking and filtering to find the one property for sale in Maine that is just the right listing.

To fit their needs to a “T” at this point in time.

That works well for the season in their life they find themselves in currently.

So local details on the area are best addressed in the videos that promote it. The blog posts that spill the details, paint the local community picture. An area wide approach to the tell me about your area completes the missing information.

The out of town or state or country buyer of Maine real estate knows what the different areas where he or she has lived are like.

They need to know much more about where they are considering investing a big chunk of money.

Because little is often known about the new job location assignment in small rural Maine. Or the spot that makes the short list of places to retire and relocate to now or down the road.

 We field lots of FAQ daily that zero in on a wide range of questions. Is it dangerous being this close to Canada? (Smile) No. log home inside photo

Do you have polar bears and is sub zero cold what the weather entails 90% of the time?


More on Maine weather.

The biggest unknown or misinformed nut to crack.

So if you have questions about the local living area of small town Maine, fire away.

If you like the sounds of being in the 4th lowest crime state, able to avoid a mortgage at all on property listings, you will like Houlton Maine and the surrounding small towns I serve.

In small Maine towns, it is not about attending an event but working it.

There is more of an intimate connection because all the locals pitch in. And involve the new residents that are needed for their new perspective and fresh energy with new ideas.

To make the small Maine town more vibrant and to assure it’s survival through ups and downs with the economy.

The what you don’t want, do seek and the inbetween… we can help shine the light on the information you need. About the local area, the property listings for sale in Maine that populate it.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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