Before You Buy, Sell Maine Real Estate.

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A few questions need to be asked before listing, selling a property in Maine.

Prior to starting the production of real estate marketing, the purchase, some time to reflect has to happen. Are you ready? Timing, timing, timing is the new mantra of real estate professionals.flickrtemplate for mooers realty photos

Replacing the all important three “L” mentality of location trumps everything in real estate property sales.

Sure a great location is key.

But not if the timing to buy it, sell it is way off.

Or even possible.

How much is owed on the property and all the improvements added up is not the way to arrive at the stick price of a property.

The desire to get out of the rent rut and buy does not mean now is the time either. Getting pre-approved for a bank loan on real estate has to happen first and foremost.

Because getting excited browsing for a place, a property to call your own is one thing. Being able to get front row seats to a real estate closing is another thing. To actual buy what you are touring and considering should be figured out going in.

Not stalled and the towel thrown in when the real estate professional players involved to make it happen shake their heads side to side.

The smile on the lips is pointed down, the wrong way. Because not in a position to buy today is learned too late. After everyone else involved in a real estate property sale gets pulled into the suction. That ends up like a story with an unhappy ending that no one likes.

Not every real estate property listing transaction gets to the closing. White sheets and toe tags happen despite the greatest all out effort to keep them alive, walking, talking.maine fall colors lake photo

For the clear to close memo and sit down for lots of paperwork, signatures.

That get recorded at a court house registry of deeds.

Timing, the best move to make before you let go of your all important life game piece in transitions.

Takes thought, prayer, slow down and just consider is now best in a real estate sale.

And how to make the move to serve you most efficiently, to harbor no regrets later. Because you did not consider this, or should have waited because of that.

Simple living in Maine is taught as a young grasshopper. The easy does it, work hard, save and make sure you get your money’s worth approach to life.

Slow to act until the plan is worked out and the real estate sale kinks are removed. Sure works better than looking back over your shoulder and realizing you went into the purchase or sale way way too quickly. maine bandits photo

Should of taken different steps for better results in a Maine home or house purchase or sale.

Buying, selling real estate is a big investment and mistakes are costly than in other smaller sized purchases.

Get pre-approved for a Maine real estate loan. Or consider the option of owner financing the property sale if that is an option to settle in on a better purchase method. And when itching to sell and make a move, consider seller’s remorse in real estate home, house sales happens too.

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