Black Friday Real Estate Deals, Cyber Monday Too!

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The best deals of the year that all get razzle dazzled, hyped to hysteria so Christmas shoppers spend spend spend.

Does real estate fall under the excitement of Black Friday, Cyber Monday marketing price adjustments? christmas black friday maine photo

If you are searching for real estate in a small population, large land area that is rural like Northern Maine, you can relax.

You have more than a couple days, a handful of hours to get your best deal on Maine real estate property listings.

Good news to report. Forget setting your alarm clock for two in the morning or rolling out a sleeping bag in front of the big box store.

These deals, blue light specials. They happen all day and night long and through out the calendar year.

Big supply, less demand and being parked up here in the northeast corner of the country make it always the low price for real estate listings, properties for sale in Maine.

We have blogged about Black Friday, Cyber Monday Maine real estate deals. And how they are not limited to just a small window of time to stock up.

And explained that kid in a candy store excitement always surrounds buying the listed properties for sale in Maine.

The inventory is always three and four times less than the buyer from out of state or the country expects to find. Asking is there a misprint? And why are prices on property listings for sale in Maine, the real estate so so low? What is wrong?

 Nothing is wrong and again, being a little ways off the beaten path has so so many advantages. Like not locking doors, no living in fear of gangs or crime. No traffic either. christmas houlton me photo

And time spent stuck in grid lock or rush hour don’t happen in Maine.

At all, any time of the year because Maine has less people.

More outdoor all natural beauty every one of the four seasons.

Maine is all about fresh air, clean water and wide open spaces, deep woods.

So Black Friday, shop until you drop at our real estate portals. We are ready for the holidays and your stocking stuffers, big Santa items too.

Visit the video listings of properties for sale in Maine too. Ditto for Cyber Monday, any dreaded first day of the week.

Be pleasantly surprised and have money left over. Like Mickey Dee’s used to brag about. You can have it your way like BK states. And it is always the lowest price that Wally World guarantees.

Low cost Maine real estate property listings, we have those in aces, spades.maine mooers realty location photo map

When you are ready, let’s talk shop about the local area.

Then the moving on to the property listings, the real estate in Maine that is in the current inventory.

Or for us to be on the look out for a custom made selection we create just for you. In the Maine real estate matchmaking exercise.

The one we are proud to help you with when the time is right. To stop and shop Maine real estate property listings for sale in Vacationland.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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