Bridgewater – The Story


Welcome To Historic, Friendly Bridgewater, Maine!

The Story

Bridgewater is a nice halfway point between Houlton and Presque Isle Maine.

You find farms and woodlots in Bridgewater. The local post office is on Main Street. The town office for Bridgewater is on the Bootfoot Road and visible from US RT 1. Turn off US RT 1, the main artery for Noirthern Maine by the pond, where the kiddie rides are. To the west of the Bootfoot Road, Packard Road, you hit the great north woods. Nothing for 6 x 6 mile squares of T this and R that all the way over to RT 11 and then clear sailing until the province of Quebec. maine beans farm stand

You want to experience the recreation trails, nature, the wildlife in this unspoiled region of Maine.

Aroostook County is not over populated. You find 11 friendly souls per square mile in Northern Maine. Bridgewater is a small town where folks are friendly. Barrel making for potatoes was bigger when hand crews not harvesters did the fall crop harvest.

Bradbury Barrel adapted by turning to display use for merchandizing with the famous study cedar stave barrels made locally in Bridgewater Maine.

There is a Port Of Entry in Bridgewater too if you want to head legally into the maritime provinces to the east of all of Aroostook County.

Small farm side stands can help you stock up on potatoes in Bridgewater Maine.

Or for my favorite dry beans. Just picked up ten pounds each of solider and jacob cattle beans for baking this Saturday night!

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