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Welcome to historic, friendly Bridgewater, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

Heading west to #9 Lake and hitting the trails that head over by snow sled and ATV four wheeler to Oxbow, Shin Pond, into St Croix Lake.

Bridgewater Maine is a fun spot to explore and to use as a base for vacation fun. Big Rock Ski area is just to the north of Bridgewater. There is also a golf course on Mars Hill Mountain too!farmers market

Whitney Brook, Portland Lake for fishing is one more option in this Central Aroostook County town.

Crossing over into Canada at the Bridgewater International border crossing is lots of fun. Just bring your passport. Hike, bike, walk the trails to get up close and personal with the wildlife.

As a kid growing up on a Maine potato farm, I remember taking the big empty farm truck up to Bridgewater with my Dad.

To load fresh new cedar stave potato barrels onto the truck for the 22 mile ride home. Then lettering each barrel from the Wheelers or Bradbury barrel factory with our brand to avoid confusion with other Maine farm spud growers.

Like branding cattle to know who’s is who’s specially tattoed potato barrel.

To sort out in shared potato house storage facilities. Who owns the plywood ones, the cedar variety potato barrels all the area farmers used to use. Now bulk bodies are the fill ‘er up vessel. Not so much potato barrels.

Hand crews in the many local Bridgewater potato farmers.

The kids let out of school for three weeks did the best job picking the potatoes to get them into winter storage. That was my dad’s opinion anyway.

Northern Maine farm harvesters cover a lot of acreage quickly but leave a ton of potatoes behind the tractor. For you to glean the Maine farm fields for the root cellar. Less damage to the potatoes happened with trained picking crews. Remember, bruisers are losers. Pick ’em clean. Working in the potato field really teaches kid’s work ethic.  Value to take care of what they buy with their hard earned money.

Ski Big Rock, Mars Hill ME Downhill Fun Video

Tour the Bradbury barrel facility that produces display barrel for merchandising, other purposes while in Bridgewater.

And if you are lucky there may be a life theatre play being put on at the local Bridgewater grange hall.

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Maine Farmers Market Video

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