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There are only two reasons Maine real estate does not sell.  Period.

1) Unrealistic, Maine Twitter Mooers Realtyhopelessly over value property price tags.

2) Lack of full throttle, passionate, far reaching real estate marketing. Those are the two major Maine real estate listing sale show stoppers. When a property sale is needed for a round trip ticket to the conference room closing at a bank or lawyer’s office, you need both.

Mooers Realty helps Maine real estate sellers arrive at the fair market value, a realistic listing price. Based on similiar property sales. Tied to competing Maine real estate listings of the same type in today’s current market.

And for buyers going through a bank loan process, remember the Maine real estate listing is going to be appraised. Has to be within value limits or no real estate sale happens and everything comes unraveled. 

Mooers Realty FacebookOur Maine real estate marketing tools help the first time home buyer just starting out.

Or the well versed, seasoned veteran cash investor who has been to quite a few real estate closings. Want to learn more about VA home loans? Mooers Realty is here to help.

This Mooers Realty website is designed for all types of properties, all different kinds of real estate buyers and sellers. And their specific, particular life situations, real estate needs today.

Timing too has replaced the big “three, location, location, location”. What you want to do but have to do are often two different animals entirely. “I’ll buy once my home sells…” may mean take a number, have a seat if over priced, not marketed correctly. The property listings don’t just sell by themselves. It is not so easy even a caveman could do it.


Our job as your Maine real estate broker is to see problems before they happen.

And take steps to avoid them. Google Mooers Realty ProfileTo educate on what the process is. See the steps needed. And to set expectations early on in every type of Maine real estate transaction.

Because we do Maine real estate listing and selling every day. Love this job and the people. For over 40 years. Sharing with others that do not have the knowledge, experience and who need guidance, direction, support. Our Maine real estate life expertise starts with listening.

Clearly defining the goals and realistic expectations up front. So no surprises that were not discussed  suddenly creeping up. And causing  a Maine real estate sale derailment, broken hearts and unhappy buyers and sellers.

Follow our blog posts. Over 6000 post articles written on a variety of subjects on four main blogging platforms.

From Maine shoreland zoning regulations, getting Maine State Housing first time home owner bank financing and VA mortgage loan programs,  buying land, building a Maine log home and many many more subjects.

You Tube Mooers Realty VideosWritten, posted with helpful links over the years. And updated as new real estate and area information surfaces with new revised blog posts created to stay current, fresh, accurate. On the Mooers Realty home page, select the blog tab, explore the four primary posting platforms we “weed and feed”. Topics galore to help both as a Maine real estate buyers and sellers guide.

Connect with us around the social media circuit. Find, follow, like us and quickly let us help you with your Maine real LinkedIn Mooers Realtyestate buying, selling situation.

Watch our Maine real estate videos, local community event movies. One easy way to show and tell. To take you to the property, the area right now. No matter where you are on planet.  That’s video power.

Ask for a set of free fresh Maine real estate brochures. We stock the Maine real estate property listing shelves in a variety of media options. Pick the best suited for your needs.

Use our current local weather, driving distance, Maine real estate calculator tools. Learn more about steps in moving, relocation to Maine.

Let’s start by calling, emailing or visiting our Mooers Realty Maine real estate office.

I’m tough skinned and tender hearted and a real live human being. Here to help and all calls, correspondence, communication held in strictest confidence to respect your privacy. Reach out,connect when ready to buy or sell a Maine real estate property listing.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker | 207.532.6573

MOOERS REALTY  69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730  |  

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