Buying Another Real Estate Camera, What Works Best?

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Like a woman who love shoes, other fashion accessories, cameras for real estate, the best ones are always a popular subject.

As a real estate broker in Maine trying to get the word out about property listings. It is a tool, a weakness to buy bigger and better.

I like to seek out, try to have the best image and video cameras to capture the property listing for sale in its best light possible. To showcase the neat area of Maine I am excited to serve and live in, raise a family. maine lake photo

But like anything in life, the best of the shooting irons for cameras, both still and video is a moving target.

And new players in the race track gate get released almost daily.

Sometimes to save  money, and to get the best product it means holding back a little in the check out line for new cameras for sale.

To see if this new model is all the propaganda claims it to be.

And to buy six months or a year later for fire sale prices on real estate digital still, video cameras.

Because it is not quite cutting edge technology any more. But a proven winner that is tried and tested. Or a dud that failed to meet advertising expectations.

This is the field guide for cameras for real estate with some tasty stats.

We have shot, sliced and diced lots of real estate videos. So know what works and does not in that area from experience.

Tried and tested is an eye opener. Very sobering when you make your living tied to how well the equipment works or not in the peddling of property listings. 

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And drones for real estate videos, still photography have entered the marketing mix too.

Have the go pro camera on the belly of a four blade drone.

That is the weather is calm, moisture missing in the forecast, it can help in the collection of what have we here.

To show and tell, piece together the property puzzle pieces for the out in the wild blue yonder information highway surfers.

That want information, not just copy or hunt and pecked details.

But full imagery, real estate video, maps, plats and the whole nine yards.

Quickly, available all the time when they can pit stop and fuel up. Peel out and get back on the round and round of their busy lives. 

For still cameras for real estate listings have had super luck with Fujifilm cameras over the years.

farmers market in houlton me photoHave a Nikon and depending on the application, they all at times get weaved into the image arrays we collect.

What we polish and post.

For video cameras for real estate properties, Sony has been the best option for me.

The type of real estate you sell helps make a difference on what the approach is, how you market.

I am lucky to live where backyards are not measured in inches, feet or humming birds in maine photoyards but acreage.

Lots of acres of Maine land surrounds the property listings we peddle.

Waterfront options abound too and hearing the brook winding by a property listing.

Seeing the sparkle of the sunshine on a Maine lake.

That plus adding in the sound of a fire crackling in the center of a row of chairs outside a lake camp.

Or loons singing, crying depending on your perspective all add to the emotional take away of what each real estate listing can present. If the time is taken to capture it and play it, say it, spill the beans.

So nothing is kept a secret and the connection is strong. For the best fit. Between the real estate buyer, the property listing for sale in Maine seller that we help match make.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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