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Buying Maine land for sale, all patches of dirt are not the same.

The drainage, lay of the land in Maine is part of the consideration on which property listing stands out brightest. In the pick the property when talking Maine land acreage.

But the actual soil profile, the type of soil as you auger down into the Maine yard geese in maine photo

Or scoop a box here, a sample there. To whisk away to the University of Maine or some other labratory to do a soil analysis. To see what you have.

To learn the PH and how much lime, fertilzer is needed. Especially when considering the use for the Maine land for sale that you had in mind.

Soil can get depleted. Worn out.

Some soil profiles make the Maine land better suited for pasturing animals and not planting, cultivating row crops.

Ledge or bedrock just below the land surface could be lurking. Right up until the tractor hauling the chisel plow or spring tooth harrow comes into a loud contact. And subsequent sound of broken equipment that soon follows.

So what do we have for Maine land, the underneath all is the soil? And the condition of the wooded sections of the Maine land, if the property acreage is in the tree growth program. All is important information. To use in considering what to buy for Maine land. Which works best.

We have soil and water conservation books on the profile of the area Maine land we list and sell. One for the north and south sections of Aroostook County. Other books for Washington, Penobscot County soil profiles.

Providing the aerial views and designations of the soil profile. The listing of all the soil profiles and what each is all about. To know what part of the land for sale is Caribou loam or Thondike, Monarda profile type. Just looking at the species growing on the wooded sections tells you what the soil maps provide.

 But the soil, the Maine open land could be only good for pasturing critters. Hamburg, lamb or horses or may be in addition suited to plant crops of something to feed yourself or sell for hopefully a profit.busy bee on maine land photo

Knowing in Maine farming the land that a break even year is a good one.

You get to farm again.

Atr least one more time.

Besides the sweetness, acidity of the Maine land for sale, checking the soil for a septic system becomes prudent.

Before you buy and especially on small parcels that are crowded with lots of property neighbors on all sides. If there is black mud or clay, poor drainage but idea for a pond to stay full if springs hit to feed it.

And add to it if waterfront land and shoreland zoning regulations kick in for added difficulty to protect the natural resource next door. The development around where birds nest, fish swim and the natural habitat make shoreland zoning very necessary.horses in  maine farm photo

Maine land, no two pieces the exact same nor is the pros and cons of the location it comes with currently. The what is happening around the fixed based Maine land location.

So the soil for Maineland, it’s like people.

Soils are different on Maine land. Better suited for this or that whether wooded or cleared.

Check the soil. In lots of places. Kick the surface and study the color. Soil auger down into the dirt to see what lies below the surface of the land in Maine. Of the Maine land for sale that you are circling like a parking lot property listing shark.

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