Banks in Houlton Maine | Where To Get A Local Mortgage, Your Lending Options.

Getting a mortgage, the lenders, local home loan banks in Houlton Maine. This blog post will help you identify who is local for home loan banks to obtain financing to mortgage a house or other property listing. The addresses, contact numbers to follow in this post on mortgage lending banks servicing Northern Maine saves you time. Dealing with local bank lenders for a mortgage in Houlton Maine just...


Houlton – Things To Do For Fun

Houlton Welcome to historic, friendly Houlton Maine! Things To Do For Fun Each season presents a different opportunity for indoor and outdoor fun. The many lakes, proximity to Baxter State Park and juants into Canada or hitting the nature trails make Houlton a good spot to discover all Maine offers. Take a trip Downeast easily from Houlton Maine. Hit the hiking or groomed snow sled / ATV trails around...


Getting A Pre-Approval Letter To Buy A Home, What To Bring.

Looking to buy a Maine home? What do you need to bring to the bank, what paperwork do you round up to prepare for the bank mortgage home loan approval letter? Well, take the hike. To speed up the bank home loan pre-approval process done before you set your sights on the house of your dreams, here is what is needed by the mortgage lender. Anything that verifies your income, spells out the short and...


Marketing Maine Homes For Sale, History Helps The Story Telling Process.

The properties all are unique, every piece of real estate in Maine listed for sale has special history. A story to tell hides behind every property listing that is marketed. But does the history get weaved into the Maine real estate marketing story? Not if the stories about the place are never discussed. Or the folks in the know die. They take the stories to their...


Houlton Maine | Aroostook County Shiretown

Houlton Maine is the Shiretown or County seat for Aroostook. Maine's largest of the sixteen counties is Aroostook. And from the days of the first settlers arriving in 1807, lumbering, farming have been two big reasons to live here. Outdoor beauty of four seasons living with clean water, fresh air. No over population continues the tradition of providing very good reasons to head to Maine. To...


Being A Border Town With Canada In Houlton Maine Has Perks.

Lots of perks when you live in a home in Houlton Maine, are at a border crossing for New Brunswick Canada. Taking advantage of the healthy US dollar exchange rate with the loonies, toonies and the other Canadian currency swap for goods or services. That's one big one.  At the time of the blog post, the exchange rate for a Canadian dollar in the US is .71. I remember buying a Sea Doo in Canada...


Maine, Just ME.

Showing New To The Area Property Buyers Or Renters The Surroundings. The Lay Of The Maine From Local Insiders Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR. The state of Maine. Big topic for a little blog post about Maine. The state up here in the upper right hand corner of the nation. Parked on the Canadian border. Where no, it is not dangerous living this close to Canada.  But back to Maine. Just how to sum up the...

sun mist maine winter photo

Home Heating Fuel Oil Assistance In Maine, Need Some Help With Oil?

We write a lot of blog posts in Maine and the ones on saving money go through the roof for views, clicks. Like one awhile back about heating fuel oil assistance in Maine helpful links, information. But it is time for an update on help for heating your home in Maine this winter. Because keeping kids in an apartment, household, elderly people warm while the snow piles up in Maine is pretty important...


Maine Real Estate Blogs, Posts

Buying or selling Maine real estate is serious business. Emotional too because it involves good and bad, up and down periods of a person's life when change is needed. It is easier to buy a property in Maine when you don't have a mortgaged one to sell too. So the fine art of listing, marketing,  pitfalls. The twists and turns that can cause a property sale train wreck. Requiring  careful study,...

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