Building On Maine Land

living off grid sustainable

Living Off Grid, Sustainable In Maine

Living off grid, sustainable in Maine. This blog post about reasons to live off grid, how to become more independent and self sufficient in Maine. For starters, why off grid living off the land in Maine? Better for your health is one hard to argue with reason to pull the plug and live off grid. Running away from expensive rents is another. No more carrying way too many heavy mortgages, the monthly...


Properties For Sale On A Lake In Maine

Properties for sale on a lake in Maine. Nothing beats a lake property for a solid enjoyable investment of your hard earned dollars. And the further north you go up into "Vacationland", the lower the price of the properties for sale on a lake in Maine. You get more for less and get to pick from a better selection of affordable waterfront properties. What's available for sale on a Maine lake today to...

maine land driveway permits

Buying Maine Land | Driveways And Mailboxes

Buying Maine land, driveways and mailbox information. Not the most exciting topic to discuss at a holiday cocktail party. But what is the deal when you buy vacant raw land with no improvements? When there is no developed former house site with an existing driveway, maybe a utility power pole? This blog post is all about buying Maine land and driveway permits, the do's and don'ts for mailbox height and...

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