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Petition To Partition Real Estate In Maine

Petition to partition real estate in Maine. The legal process taken when all the property owners of real estate are not in agreement about a listing sale. When you are part of a group that not all are in agreement about a property sale or real estate division split up say an inherited property. Or when lots of people own and share for instance, a waterfront lake property in Maine. Local Maine Real...

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Land For Sale In Maine, Check Soils, Drainage, For Ledge

Land for sale in Maine, check soils, drainage, for ledge. Land For Sale In Maine, What To Look For And What To Avoid. What Do You Plan To Do With The Maine Land You Buy? With the housing inventory for houses for sale in Maine at all time lows, building on land for sale in Maine is picking up tremendously. Even with a hike in building construction material costs, Maine land is extremely popular. Land...


Getting Away From People | Maine Space, Low Cost Real Estate

Getting away from people, Maine space, low cost real estate are one neat combination. Maine is pure and natural socially distant spread out for folks who live or vacation here. Long before COVID hit and the push back memo to keep your distance for health reasons. Maine was already well known for it's spread out nicely, plenty of elbow room. Generously spaced and not crowded. That's one way to describe...


Land Listings In Maine | Maine Land For Sale

Land listings in Maine, Maine land for sale. The real estate buyer searching the listing inventory for Maine land is motivated on several fronts. Space, lots of acreage for sheer protection from others invading it. The desire for growing food, raising what you eat. The goal of having yearly firewood and selling the surplus managing the timber resource. Development to create smaller sub lots out of a...


Owner Financed Maine Land.

Owner financed Maine land. Maine Land For Farming. Creating Wealth From The Earth Tilling The Dirt. Owner Financed Maine Land. Custom Made Payments For The Land Buyer's Budget. An Annuity For The Maine Land Seller Who Owner Finances. This Maine blog post explains what buying and selling land looks like when an owner of it holds the mortgage. Owner financed Maine land. Why is finding a property...

More Than Maine Homes, Houses, Residential Real Estate Listings

In Maine, every day at the real estate office is new and different. Lots of real estate agents, brokers list and sell only homes, houses. A rural state that is 91% wooded, Maine has over 2500 lakes, ponds.  Mooers Realty lists, sells Maine water front land acreages. Farm land, woodlots, vacation homes, mom and pop businesses. It's not just residential property sales that happen at 69 North Street,...

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