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Local Maine Salt Water Farm Cookbook Recipes

Local Maine salt water farm cookbook recipes, living off the sea and land. Depending on the season, locally source Maine vegetables, fish, fruit, poultry, meat, anything farm fresh deserves special culinary treatment. The food grown close to home, farm to table is all around us in Maine. Scallops, Crab, Shrimp, Something From The Maine Coast. Agriculture is a big part of the Maine family tradition...


Properties For Sale On A Lake In Maine

Properties for sale on a lake in Maine. Nothing beats a lake property for a solid enjoyable investment of your hard earned dollars. And the further north you go up into "Vacationland", the lower the price of the properties for sale on a lake in Maine. You get more for less and get to pick from a better selection of affordable waterfront properties. What's available for sale on a Maine lake today to...

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Empty Maine Lake Lots, What Can I Do, Where Do I Start?

Empty Maine Lake Lots, What Can I Do, Where Do I Start? The land on a Maine lake, a lot of property acreage. The land on a Maine lake, a lot of property acre parked on the water. Just land and nothing built on it or whatever was there is long gone. Or there's a building, but has no pulse. The Maine real estate does have a location on the parcel that can get you up close to the waterfront to rebuild....

More Than Maine Homes, Houses, Residential Real Estate Listings

In Maine, every day at the real estate office is new and different. Lots of real estate agents, brokers list and sell only homes, houses. A rural state that is 91% wooded, Maine has over 2500 lakes, ponds.  Mooers Realty lists, sells Maine water front land acreages. Farm land, woodlots, vacation homes, mom and pop businesses. It's not just residential property sales that happen at 69 North Street,...

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