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Real Estate Video Marketing

Real estate video marketing. Life moves fast, digital marketing demands real estate video marketing these days. To reach the largest possible audience the easiest way available, videos for real estate deliver the best. Real estate videos help make the connection long and strong. Just sit back and watch and you are going to Maine. For the area flavor what's it like. To tour in and out of the what's for...

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FAA Part 107 License To Fly Real Estate Drone Missions

Getting FAA Part 107 drone FAA license to fly real estate missions. Do you need a drone pilots license to fly FAA real estate missions today? Yes. Wearing Pilot Wings, Aviator Sunglasses, Controlling The Yaw On Your Real Estate Drone. This blog post delves into the process of studying for and passing your FAA Part 107 drone license to fly unmanned real estate missions. If you don't hire your drone out for...

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Real Estate Drone Video Photography

Real estate drone video photography. Beginner sUAS pilot tips for small unmanned aircraft real estate professionals. This real estate blog post drills down into using drones for real estate video photography. Take It Up Up Up A Little More (But Under 400') Using Drone Real Estate Video Photography! Which drone camp are you in? On the sidelines thinking someday you'll buy a drone? But wondering...

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Real Estate Video, How’s Does Channel Garden Grow?

Real estate video. Your video channel garden will grow tall and strong if you plant, weed, water it. It's quick, easy and a Maine real estate buyer can get in and out of more properties using video. Some real estate video channels do better than others though. The successful video channels see the subscriber and view count increase exponentially because of just a few key ingredients. Subscribe To Our...

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Only Luxury Properties Deserve Video | Real Estate Myth #1

Only luxury properties deserve video, real estate myth #1. Where does that real estate video myth come from anyway? It's prevalent in circles of real estate agents and brokers who hire out the tasks. Someone reasoning that the bigger price tag properties makes the "do a video" necessary or a worthwhile expense. Real Estate Show And Tell Using YouTubeVideo But what if you don't hire out everything...


The Internet Is 30 Years Old | Real Estate Before, Now.

Happy Birthday to the Internet that many believe has always been around like air and water, death and taxes. Remembering today a time before the Internet and the early years in real estate listing and selling twist and shout. As the net was born and developed into one giant spider web of hand spun connections. Providing information for our real estate customers. In the early years in my small rural...


Marketing Maine Homes For Sale, History Helps The Story Telling Process.

The properties all are unique, every piece of real estate in Maine listed for sale has special history. A story to tell hides behind every property listing that is marketed. But does the history get weaved into the Maine real estate marketing story? Not if the stories about the place are never discussed. Or the folks in the know die. They take the stories to their...


The Debate On Listing Property, Holiday Marketing Real Estate For Sale.

When a seller knows a real estate sale is needed. When a buyer gets the idea that he or she, they need a property to purchase. Regardless of weather, which holiday is approaching or now happening on the kitchen wall calendar, get the place listed so buyers see them on real estate radar. To give them consideration for factors like if the financing is obtained, if their house sells first, if the job...

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