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Renting Out Your Maine Home

Renting out your Maine home. This Maine real estate blog post is all about making money carefully renting out your Maine home. Let's get to it. Maine REALTOR, Who To Use Renting Out Your Home In Maine. Month to month renting a Maine home or entering into a year long lease. The groans, gasps on your end are felt at this keyboard blog post. The word "renter" alone creates an uneasy feeling deep down...

Selling Your House Moving To Houlton Maine

Why Are You Selling Your House In Maine?

Why are you selling your house in Maine? Usually listing your Maine home for sale is not done on a whim. The idea of packing up and moving to a new location is not an idea decided on in earnest over just the last 20 minutes. Why People Sell Their House In Maine? Here Are The Reasons People List. More On Houlton ME. This blog post drills down into the what motivates a home owner to plant the for sale...

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Real Estate Drone Video Photography

Real estate drone video photography. Beginner sUAS pilot tips for small unmanned aircraft real estate professionals. This real estate blog post drills down into using drones for real estate video photography. Take It Up Up Up A Little More (But Under 400') Using Drone Real Estate Video Photography! Which drone camp are you in? On the sidelines thinking someday you'll buy a drone? But wondering...

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Petition To Partition Real Estate In Maine

Petition to partition real estate in Maine. The legal process taken when all the property owners of real estate are not in agreement about a listing sale. When you are part of a group that not all are in agreement about a property sale or real estate division split up say an inherited property. Or when lots of people own and share for instance, a waterfront lake property in Maine. Local Maine Real...


Properties For Sale On A Lake In Maine

Properties for sale on a lake in Maine. Nothing beats a lake property for a solid enjoyable investment of your hard earned dollars. And the further north you go up into "Vacationland", the lower the price of the properties for sale on a lake in Maine. You get more for less and get to pick from a better selection of affordable waterfront properties. What's available for sale on a Maine lake today to...

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Tight Housing Market In Maine, Build Your Own Home

Tight housing market in Maine, build your own home. The Maine real estate housing market only has 1.3 months supply of inventory. This blog post dives into the topic of what to do when the existing houses for sale in Maine supply is super tight. Or what is for sale is too expensive because the demand is way way over the top. Most folks don't have the option of couch surfing or sleeping in their cars,...

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Maine Real Estate Market Report | Thinking Of Buying Selling Your ME Home?

Maine real estate market report, thinking of buying or selling your ME home? This blog post jumps into what's happening around Maine with property listing sales. All according to the Maine Listings MLS activity supplied and recorded black and white simple. Here's what's shakin' taking the pulse today in the Maine real estate market. Maine Real Estate Market Report, What's Shakin' ? Less Housing, Higher...

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Buying Maine Land | Driveways And Mailboxes

Buying Maine land, driveways and mailbox information. Not the most exciting topic to discuss at a holiday cocktail party. But what is the deal when you buy vacant raw land with no improvements? When there is no developed former house site with an existing driveway, maybe a utility power pole? This blog post is all about buying Maine land and driveway permits, the do's and don'ts for mailbox height and...

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Maine Real Estate Market Report Today

Maine real estate market report today, what do the listing sale numbers show? Sneak a peek, squinting a little reveals the strong Maine real estate market continues to struggle with a shortage of inventory. Days on market for property listings for sale continues to dwindle. Maine Listing Prices, How's The Real Estate Market Today? Demand exceeds the supply and prices of Maine real estate since...

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Real Estate Video, How’s Does Channel Garden Grow?

Real estate video. Your video channel garden will grow tall and strong if you plant, weed, water it. It's quick, easy and a Maine real estate buyer can get in and out of more properties using video. Some real estate video channels do better than others though. The successful video channels see the subscriber and view count increase exponentially because of just a few key ingredients. Subscribe To Our...

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