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Selling Your House Moving To Houlton Maine

Why Are You Selling Your House In Maine?

Why are you selling your house in Maine? Usually listing your Maine home for sale is not done on a whim. The idea of packing up and moving to a new location is not an idea decided on in earnest over just the last 20 minutes. Why People Sell Their House In Maine? Here Are The Reasons People List. More On Houlton ME. This blog post drills down into the what motivates a home owner to plant the for sale...

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Warm Temperatures In Maine

Unseasonably warm temperatures in Maine. It causes joy and confusion. Locals love the 70 degrees to continue the outside jobs buttoning up their homes for winter. Putting away summer toys, storing the boat, rolling up the hammock and tucking away the patio furniture until next year. Using Open Porches In Maine. Still Happening Due To Higher Temperatures In Maine Weather Forecasts. The gardens in...

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Local Maine Salt Water Farm Cookbook Recipes

Local Maine salt water farm cookbook recipes, living off the sea and land. Depending on the season, locally source Maine vegetables, fish, fruit, poultry, meat, anything farm fresh deserves special culinary treatment. The food grown close to home, farm to table is all around us in Maine. Scallops, Crab, Shrimp, Something From The Maine Coast. Agriculture is a big part of the Maine family tradition...


Maine, Just ME.

Showing New To The Area Property Buyers Or Renters The Surroundings. The Lay Of The Maine From Local Insiders Andrew Mooers, ME REALTOR. The state of Maine. Big topic for a little blog post about Maine. The state up here in the upper right hand corner of the nation. Parked on the Canadian border. Where no, it is not dangerous living this close to Canada.  But back to Maine. Just how to sum up the...


Places To Eat, Houlton Maine Restaurants, Diners, Take Out, Drive Thru.

Restaurants, diners, greasy spoons and public suppers, the places to eat in Houlton Maine. You are some kind of hungry, could eat a horse while in Northern Maine. Houlton ME Places To Eat Blog Post. Feeling Hungry? It happens at least three times each day and this time you find yourself with a grumbling stomach in Houlton Maine. Wondering about places to eat in a new land with fresh surroundings....

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You Travel To Maine To Look At Real Estate.

Traveling to Maine to look at real estate property listings. You do as much online as possible and have studied blogs, videos, websites. But unless buying Maine real estate sight unseen in person, the trip north comes into play. Calculating the driving mileage distance to Maine property listings. Because there is something about standing foot inside the Maine home. Walking the lot or acreage...

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