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What is it about a bargain, “always the low price” as Wally World boasts?

Searching, out, finding cheap Maine real estate property listings is no different.The same thrill of getting more for less.hulstrunk set maine house

When online or local buyers start the hustle.

Shake and bake to find the lowest price for the most property out there.

In the study of what is for sale currently on the open market to consider.

Carefully stocking the shelves has to happen. Very well on the cheap Maine land for sale offerings that is one popular category to keep robust. Hot, steaming and ready to serve up like a 24 hour buffet.

No appointment needed for the sit down feast.

In small rural Maine real estate markets it is not all about just homes, houses on the chopping block either.

The beauty of our Northern Maine real estate market is the prices are always divide by three, four or more. On what most out of state property buyers expect to pay. When opening the wallet or purse and saying “ahhhhhhh”.

The lower to the ground prices make it easier to adjust to other cheaper Maine goods and services too. Has to be that way because the discretionary spending is lower in Maine.

We get value, buy what we need not just want. And exhibit better spending impulse control. Do a lot of bartering, trading for services too.

Examples of some low cost homes for sale in Maine? Well for instance, how about a home in Ludlow Maine for $15,000? Heck the drilled well, concrete septic system, over acre of Maine land in the country is worth that. But wait there is more.

 The country home in Maine is vinyl siding, metal roofed, has a big oversize double garage.

Another chicken house type rear storage building. Needs plumbing big time, heating help too. And bring in the paper and paint crew. Rip out rugs. But location time three. Just the right distance out of town, from Houlton Maine. johnson high st houlton me photo set

And if you are thinking that is a fluke, only happens once in awhile like lightning hitting the same spot twice.

No, there is more.

Crossing over into other property types, like multi rental housing.

How about a home on 12 – 14 High Street Houlton Maine for sale in the $20’s?

Four units, two properties for sale in the same basket. An income producing triplex, a rear single family home for sale in Maine.

Deep lot a short walk to everything a small victorian border town offers. Leave the car or mini van, suv in the dooryard with the keys in them all. They are not going anywhere.

Doesn’t your bean counter, the CPA accountant that looks over your IRS taxes every April 15th say invest in something income producing?

This is that kind of money maker if one by one you get the rental units in Houlton Maine up and running. On line and rented with quality tenants needing a neat, clean, affordable housing unit to hang their hat.

Lay their head in the bed.houltonmaine000004

21 Charles Street Houlton Maine is another home for sale for $12,000.

Get the picture?

You won’t make six digits a year in the local Houlton Maine job market.

Get more for less. In the 4th lowest crime state. The 46th behind the pack in foreclosures, short sales, repossessions too.

But you won’t need to when everything from house prices to home insurance is lower in Houlton Maine, rural Aroostook County.

Low cost Maine land, like 107 acres in the $teens.

This property land acreage for sale in Maine worth a sneak a peek. Looking for low cost Maine land, any kind of property listing type, visit Mooers Realty.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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