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Like most jobs, it looks easy on the surface.

Because real estate listing, selling, trading deals with all types of people and many charged with high emotional levels, there is more to it. Than just show up and time to make the donuts. maine land for sale photo

More than just going through the motions and settling back on your haunches in a relaxed state.

Always reinventing how we list, market, sell (repeat) the real estate properties for sale in Maine is part of the job as technology advances quickly.

And you better keep up if wearing the blue and gold R, the hardest working letter in the real estate alphabet bar none.

So (pulling curtain aside to create a passage) come on. Wander backstage in a typical rural Maine real estate broker’s day. Experience the issues discussed, hammered out solutions and see a pattern of what happens in the normal day.

Most sales have happy endings. 

But a few highlights of what else can raise it’s not so pretty head. To deal with because of people’s quirks, miscommunication, hurt feelings, and just because of not being brought into the process deeply enough.

To avoid the bad taste and stinging eyes, choke in the throat long afer the real estate purchase and sale or derailment happens. Time and attention, as much as it takes is needed all along the way from real estate listing to property closing.

 So take Monday, the first thing in the morning is like an emergency room. Because buyers, sellers ponder over the weekend what they would like to see happening with their real estate. And maybe the process is not rifling through the steps quick enough to satisfy their property purchase or sale  objectiives.ludlow home for sale photo

I learned long ago in the thirty five year plus career in Maine real estate not to make early Monday morning appointments. To make sure the walk in real estate flu patients have the attention they deserve.

Often the discussion is more of an early one. But the revisit and questions answered helps show the process. As what we explain makes more sense as it is happening.

Like a student who wonders how am I ever going to need this knowledge or to use this stuff being tested on tomorrow.

It is up to the teacher to show the why it is important. Beyond the letter grade.

And often the anger with the bank appraiser and the low figure valuation or long list of items to fix at the property for underwriting thumbs up just needs discussion. The anger or anxiety does not always go away. But talking it out helps.

But re-visiting the step by step process. How it works and why tailored made to the listing/sale at hand. That is a major part of the clearing the air, real estate hand holding during the hurry up and wait .

While a person’s life is on hold.

They can not make solid plans. And it is why I say three new items have trumped the property location, location, location. What everyone knew to be the most important elements of anything real estate.

Timing times three enters the picture because if no way to buy another property until the last one sells, everyone is on hold.

You can browse as a buyer wannabee. But have to finish the chores of being a seller of the old property first and foremost. ludlow home for sale photo

The Monday morning quarterbacking in real estate.

Not just pin the blame on the players involved in the real estate list to closing procedure.

It is a habit of many to knee jerk to the who do I blame.

When there are a series of dropped balls that have a cumulative effect in the final analysis. Of the sale was flawed from the too high a price tag hanging off it during the listing paperwork being put together.

Expectations, of the buyer, seller of Maine real estate.

Keeping both buyer and seller, all the accessory players reading the same script to know when they come in. Before they do so no surprises. Everyone on same page  to know what is expected of all.

It is harder if the buyer and seller have not been in the real estate arena for a few years or decades. Or at all. Fear makes the clear explanations murky.

When a divorce is pending, an estate needs settling and folks wonder who is paying that third year of back property taxes. To keep it from going back to the town that sends those annual tax bills.

Pressure, stress of normal everyday life collides with the real estate property listing transfer.

The clock ticks loudly and time is money. Delay is expansive and you see what folks are made of when pressure like a strait jacket or the walls coming in put folks between a rock and a hard spot. And they don’t like it and lash out. ludlow home for sale music room photo

So what else do I do on a Monday morning once the early AM is booked solid for therapy.

Which gets more intense as freezing pipes and no money to pay the oil delivery man.

Or the plumber to drain the place as the relocated buyer struggles with bills on the other end of the housing puzzle. To hold it all together.

We understand those pressures and work hard on the behind the scenes to make life less stressful for the Maine real estate buyer and seller.

I revisted a pair of properties in Maine just listed for sale with eighty acres wrapped around them.

One is a modern newer home with media rooms, music lofts, a workshop to putter in. And all the bells and whistles, even an area for a loom, needle crafts on a larger scale.

And the older original home in Maine that was vacant for many years but renovated, is part of the Siamese twins that are anything but identical.

But discussions on how to sell the two as a package and how to do the delicate surgery to split them up for two Maine real estate buyers. We have to have that little talk at the kitchen table the first time. ludlow home kitchen photo

Out in the gorgeous sun room the second one.

Knowing everyone is in a hurry but time put into the process explanation is critical.

So we share the same expectations, buy into a real estate strategy.

Calls to lower the price on a property come in round the clock. Or from sellers who say they will now consider owner financing.

Or selling the Maine home with less land to make the price more attractive. Or will throw in the appliances, the lawn mower or extra furniture. Or to contribute to the buyer of the Maine real estate’s closing costs. To move the process along. To sweeten the pot.

Calls and visits, emails from buyers who are ready to buy but the seller is not so sure on the price they offer.

And helping buyers become real ones when they think they are but the banker points out problems with actually purchasing at this time.

Getting the weekly local paper ad copy ready for the publication in a few days. Working on outside real estate portals to get the new listing wired for the broadcast. Screwing on a sale pending or SOLD real estate sign rider.

After attending the property listing closing where the buyer and seller are there. Or sometimes, often everything is done through email and Fed Ex or another overnight courier.

Making media buys for online and print but not just the way we have always done it.

Because pulling back here, pushing for resources there makes the business hum.

Adjusting the real estate dials to adjust for new ways to do the old property listing peddler dog and pony. Always reading up and networking on those because love what I do and where the Maine real estate is bought and sold.

Because it is not always the same is what makes it interesting.

Never dull and fuels the passion, the fire in the belly to get up and do it again. Plus being in a small rural Maine real estate market means general practice that covers everything from Mom and Pop groceries.

To raw land in Maine, a cottage on a lake or a river camp made of log. Or houses, homes that are old Victorians or modern one floor handicap friendly. And everything inbetween.

Which means the buyers of all these types is a neat bunch of folks that are never all the same breed of cats to herd. From real estate listing to property in Maine closing. ludlowhome int1 photo

We are here when you are ready.

It is an honor, priviledge to help Maine real estate buyers and sellers achieve their property goals.

MOOERS REALTY, the local Northern Maine real estate expert with experience and work ethic, all rolled up into one neat social media marketing plan to tap into those mobile property listing buyers and sellers.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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