Commercial Property In Houlton Maine, Buy A Job.

Meet The People Of Northern Maine

Sometimes the move to Maine means need a job, not going to retire in the relocation so have any commercial property listings question gets asked.

Meet The People Of Northern MaineOther times it’s bring the job you had out of state to Maine. Your employer does not want to lose a well trained worked. And high speed Internet, a fax machine and phone connection means do what you do out of state in in the office of the Maine home you buy in the move to Vacationland.

If you are looking for a commercial, Maine business property, lots of options exisit in all price ranges, types.

A new endeavor you always wanted to try.

Or right along the lines of what you are doing now, or have somewhere back in your life for making a living. Developing the skills and mastering the learning curve.

More and more folks are wanting small Maine town values, a simpler family oriented lifestyle to do more than work, chase the dollar.

To live, experience and explore life options to enrich their days here on Earth. And your customers online if you bring your job with you, have no idea you have moved to a new Maine small town location. Unless you tell them. Spill the beans. But your kids will love the crime free small town atmosphere. That is night and day different. So unlike the urban, impersonal concrete jungle you left in the rear view mirror high tailing it out of the city surroundings.

Commercial land where it is just the dirt, location you are buying. And building a structure, creating improvements on the Maine land now or in the future. Often owning a down town Maine buidling for a business space or rental income from parts of the property being leased out is the target.

Regardless, Maine is the 4 lowest state for crime, 46th for a place less likely to have foreclosure, short sale, reposession. 

With fewer people and more wildlife, the unspoiled beauty of the area makes whatever you do for work more pleasant. Learn Maine Beauty Is Not Man Made, Bought Or Created With Money.more about the simple living in Maine.

Be happier, get away from the crime of city, urban living with the move to Maine. Learn more about our small town community living in a place like Houlton Maine for example!

Buying a job, a business property where a commercial enterprise is already up and running.

And enjoying the surroundings, the slower pace of living outside the job that comes with the territory.

Because Maine is the way life used to be in other areas.

Or the well located, high exposure conveniently located site has potential to be a gold mine for a Maine business.

With hard work, property that you develop with a vacant Maine commercial building site and no buildings.

Or an existing Maine business property where the owner will train the new real estate buyer.

Even finance the sale himself. With custom, made to order terms to not choke you.To give you a leg up without the extra upfront costs a bank expects on writing commerical paper.

Or make you lay awake nights with toss and turn, sweat soaked sheets of caused by worry. So you don’t need any local lending.

And a budget that matches the business means the owner is rooting for you, in partnership on the lending end of the leap from out of state to down town small community Maine. Which most are, with 108 total small Maine towns. A handful of cities.

And you can improve on the existing numbers, the track record with the fresh blood, creative ideas you bring to the table.

After the purchase of a Maine business building, commercial real estate listing.

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