Continuing Education Credits To Renew Your Maine Real Estate License.

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Learning never stops and continuing education credits to renew your Maine real estate agent or brokers license is part of professional standards.

Any real estate agent or broker wants to be up to snuff on the many facets of listing, selling property. And with dealing with the buyers and sellers, the financing, the legal end of the real estate profession too. real estate blog photo1

So what is the deal in Maine? So many states mirror the same requirments for continuing education credits.

The state and national REALTOR groups also help create what is needed surrounding the code of ethics, the reason for the beginning of the trade association. 

In Maine, here is what is needed once you have your real estate agent or broker’s license hanging on a wall somewhere.

To keep it current and to be in licensure compliance, 21 credit hours every two years are required. Of that hour amount of education, 3 credits are mandatory, 18 are elective.

Repeating the same couse in a two year period is great to sharpen your knowledge in the area, but the completed sessions don’t provide credit hours you can apply to your license renewal. More from the Maine real estate commission on license renewal, the continuing education process.

The correct core courses, ethics courses are continually being updated and improved. And an agent, broker must make sure they are current on the most up to date requirement of each training session. To successfully be complete on what is needed at the time of license renewal. More on available continuing education coures for Maine real estate licensees.

A lot of the education while sitting through a live class is the table talk between sessions, the questions and answers that are part of the take away beyond just getting a slip for 3 more credit hours. The licensing fulfillment requirement is for a reason. To stay current, sharp and continue to reinvent the ever changing real estate list and sell process. 

How to avoid legal hot water, what to do and when to cover the hind end. Understanding all the options to match up the buyer with the best lending program.

A real estate agent or broker does more than shoot images, collect property listing information and upload it all to the Internet or post real estate in local publications. Like most areas of life, the real estate profession has become much more technical requiring continuing education to stay on the top of the property peddling profession. Every agent or broker is a dealer of real estate listings. How they use social media, how to make sure Fair Housing HUD standards are met… it all takes time and study to be in compliance today.

Joining the local REALTORS group in your area of Maine is a good idea. Franchise real estate operations also have someone bird dogging and offering up what is needed for continuing education requirements. Plus matched with local trends, addressing the issues every agent or broker faces in their daily practice. There are battles, struggles, tough decisions that are not always popular depending on which side of the real estate buy and sell teeter-totter you sit on in a property sale.

How to proceed, what is the best practice for this, for that. Education helps know which direction to move.

It’s good to know before the quicksand develops and a perfectly good real estate sale goes south. Seeing the red flags and how to handle everything that can and will crop up in a real estate sale is an art, part of the sport.mainephotoslider98

Making sure the legal and listing forms used in real estate transaction are current and in compliance with state, federal and industry standards is another reason to be part of a group.

One with the goal of providing the best complete information possible to educate the agent and broker for their chosen job of helping people buy, sell or trade real estate! 

Here is a list of real estate educators in Maine to be in license compliance when renewal time rolls around every two years. So how to get continuing education credits to renew your real estate license in Maine? What are the options in Vacationland? You can do distance learning online and don’t have to search the statewide options for courses offered to fulfillment of a real estate license. 

Here are some links to continuing credit Maine real estate educators.

I have taken courses in live settings with instructor / REALTOR Arthur Gary. The Maine Center For Real Estate Studies is another option. Here is the link for this continuing credit real estate license renewal option. I have taught a practices course through the local adult ed / University of Maine system to train new agents getting ready to sit for their exam. Explaining the process, what is ahead helps a person figure out quickly whether they are cut out for the real estate commission based job of helping people buy and sell property listings. andymooers1

The Real Estate Learning Group is another option to collect those much needed education credit slips to stay current when license renewal time rolls around again. McKissock Learning is another long distance, study at home and stay where you are option. 

Again, beyond hitting the books, attending the education sessions, there is nothing like the conversations across the table during lunch breaks.

What is shared and learned when slurping down a hot coffee or cold water freshement during education “intermission”.

If you can hang around during the education break and not race off down a conference center hall or outside to make a cell phone call or return an urgent email message! 

Does your license need to be renewed? Beyond fulfilling that licensing requirement, the education sessions are so fruitful in other ways! They help you sharpen your skill set. The CE credits are for more than just getting a new license from the Maine real estate commission. They keep you up to date, make you professional because buying and selling real estate is serious stuff. 

Attend the sessions opposed to study by yourself distance learning is my advice. Folks that have more experience in a particular issue are valuable to know. To be able to reach out again to for more information when you are stumped on daily obstacle that needs to be worked out with some friendly advice from others who have handled the same situation before themselves.

Everyone in the room after the CE credits gets to ask the instructor(s) some specific questions. Or to reach out and tap into knowledge from an older more experience agent or broker in the room during breaks or before, after the class begins or ends.

There is much to learn when a large group of real estate professionals in Maine gathers! 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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