Crystal – The Story


Welcome To Historic, Friendly Crystal, Maine!

The Story

The early days of Crystal, what happened years ago leading up to today?

They followed streams and rivers, they tramped through the undeveloped vast wooded tracts of uninhabited land in Northern Maine back when it was a state called Massachusetts. Crystal Maine is located and easily found today at 45.9592° N, 68.3603° W. But early pioneers had no Tom Tom or Garmin GPS devices on their wagon dashboards. They relied on guides, the first settlers that were native to these parts. To show them around, to help them survive harsh new lands with winter weather to prepare for that many were just not used to handling. Just like the Pilgrims a little earlier back in history that you and I studied about remember? When you packed up and move north, you gave up established surroundings. Traded them in for untamed land that needed to be cleared, shelters constructed and crops planted, game hunted to feed your family.

Crystal Maine became a town March 21st, 1901. The town office is closed and smartly to save taxpayer dollars, all the affairs in Crystal handled in the Island Falls muncipal building. Smart.

Who was the first white man to set foot in what is now called Crystal on the Maine maps? William Young from Searsmont gets the honor showed up in 1839. The 1400 acres of what was Caribou Bog now named the Crystal Bog contained lots of unique to this area wildlife, plant species and is considered a natural resource jewel to protect.

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