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Welcome to historic, friendly Crystal, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

Camping, being outdoors and fishing, walking, being surrounded by nature. Maine is famous for being able to simple pleasures living off the land. You don’t get that setting in the concrete jungle of city living. Fish Stream, the Thousand Acre Bog are teaming with life in an all natural habitat. The trail system for snow sleds and ATV four wheelers opens up the areas not served by Crystal Maine area roadways.

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Crystal Maine, Aroostook County Town!

Watch the Maine farming operations, gathered your own firewood to cook on that open fire.

Fall colors during leaf peeking, cross country skiing during the blanket of white during winter. Visiting the boatloads of waterfront lakes surrounding this northern  Maine bedroom community of Northern Maine called Crystal. The pace is slower, you entertain yourself and the pleasure for fun is no or low cost. Commercial activity is missing. No one wants to get into your pocket or to get you to pry open your wallet.

Homestead, start a farm or just plan vacation stops whenever you can sneak away from population centers in Crystal Maine.

Remember, you are not far from the north entrance to Baxter State Park. And pretty handy to Mt Katahdin hiking, visiting the Allagash Wilderness Waterway with the old Chamberlain steam locomotives frozen in time. The Patten Lumberman’s Museum has bean hole bake bean suppers and early forestry timbering history to share with you. This is a farming community in Northern Maine with Amish settlements not very far away.

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