Cutting Back On The Winter Heating Bill, Common Goal.

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There are some who argue after the July 4th fireworks end, start thinking about getting the Maine home banked, wrapped for winter.

We have no igloos, polar bears in Maine though. That is further north quite some distance. But even with four beautiful seasons, Maine winters do demand tightening up the homes. To make them less drafty, more economical to maine lake home photoheat.

To make the Maine home toasty warm and cozy.

Getting away from dependence on foreign oil is nothing new in Maine.

With 91 percent of the state wooded, the fire box for heating.

With birch, maple, ash and all the other species of wood is still big. Well stocked.

Stacks of next year’s home heating supply are pretty common, evident as you ride around Maine.

Neighbors, family share wood splitters and pitch in, have weekend afternoon gatherings. To one by one make sure all the members get their supply of wood in the right length split in two and racked, stacked, packed.

For the one by one ride into the furnace over the winter months. To get the Maine home owner to spring comfortably. When the woodstove gets turned off. Parked and not needed for three seasons.

 Pellet stoves are popular for stand alone or fireplace inserts to heat Maine homes too. And on the sides of homes, more and more heat pumps to extract heat from even cold air are showing up. Hanging out. They serve as air conditions, the reverse process in summer too.

When you drive around the Maine countryside you spy more and more of them with your little eye. More than one use in tandem visible on sides of Maine homes.

Geo thermal with water from one or two wells also are available for heat pump use to heat a Maine home.maine lake ducks photo

But regardless if your local electrical utility in Maine is the lowest cost or not, and using juice squeezed through the wire is the best option, insulation is key.

Making whatever space you call home in Maine easier to heat is the first order of the day.

Getting your ducks in order.

Does not mean downsizing to live in a tiny Maine home, say 92 square feet. And calling it good in the over reacting trying to get away from the big Maine home heating bill.

But beefing up the attic first because heat rises. Replacing windows facing north first. And gradually all of them as the wallet or purse allows. The tightened up home is easy to stay cool as well. maine lake sunset photo

Double bonus for insulation that is cheap to buy for a Maine home.

Just sometimes a little awkward to install where no attic stairway or even hatch in the ceiling exist.

Get out your ladder for the eave end vent opening. Pry open exercise.

Or borrow a cherry picker bucket truck. To get high up. 

To blow in more Maine home insulation.

With special concern put into making sure the ventilation is adequate in the eaves, the roof cap venting.

Storm doors, weather stripping, caulking and yes banking around the house in Maine.

Putting up barriers for the cold coming inside uninvited. Insulated curtains to draw shut at night. Open wide and invite the sunshine in during the day. For free heat and light. Tightening up a Maine home is pretty much a year around sport. Not once and done.

Like the splitting Maine firewood for next year. When all you need for this heating season has been stacked, drying. Just waiting for the weather channel to announce winter has officially started. Dig out your skis for the swish swish. Fuel up the Jiffy ice fishing auger. Buy some bait.

Tucked away, getting ready for white flakes to fall, pile up and winter to happen right on schedule. When we snow sled, ski, ice fish, play pond hockey and do anything but hibernate in Maine. But having a warm Maine home to come home to hang your hat, get something to eat, rest up and sleep is priority one. For another day outside in Maine tomorrow no matter what the calendar says is “now playing”, are in for a season.

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