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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Danforth, Maine!

The Story

The Lands In Washington County Used To Be Part Of Lincoln County.

1789 was the year that Washington County was set aside and Danforth Maine while the state was part of Massachusetts. The Danforth Plantation danforth maineorganized in 1847, incorprated thirteen years later in 1860. Part of the township of Weston was annexed in 1885. And neighboring Eaton was annexed in 1887.

Danforth is larger than most Maine townships. Before being named it was just known as the easterly part of Township No. 8 along with the west end of Township No. 9, Fourth Range NBPP (T8 & T9 R4 NBPP). Catchy title huh?

The Danforth tract grew in size as unorganized grid rows and ranges of unsettled land was settled and became more defined. The latitude of Danforth is 45.623N. The longitude is -67.846W.

Like Fort Fairfield Maine, the early settlers of Danforth might have been better off building the downtown a little up higher up the hillsides where it is now located.

See this early 1923 flood image of Danforth Maine. Winter snow and spring thaw combined to make the Baskeheagn River in Danforth Maine swell beyond it’s banks. Ice jams down river did not help conditions either in many small Maine towns that relied on the waterway to run mills and for everything else you and I rely on H2O for today.

Here is another high and dry image of downtown Danforth Maine captured from back in 1933. East Grand School education from the danforth me school 11900 turn of the century imaged in this Danforth Maine black and white image. Many more Danforth Maine early photos to help you remember what it was like in this Northern Washington County town.

Cemeteries are a good source of local history in any Maine township. Danforth has lots of local history to tapped into and learn from its past. Small towns in Maine like Danforth have lots of locals that love to tell stories and share the history too. Make time in your schedule to visit this Washington County small town with all the lakes to enjoy year round!

The medical needs are served by the East Grand Health Center.

Small towns sports teams are big entertainment providers. Watching the kids grow into adults is something the entire Maine village has a hand in.

More images of Danforth Maine today. You used to be able to get on a Canadian passenger train in Danforth Maine.

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