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Welcome to historic, friendly Danforth, Maine!

Things To Do For Fun

What’s your definition of fun? It is being on a lake the size of East Grand, over 16,000 acres large and four season? Then you are in forest city east grand lakerecreational heaven fishing, boating, swimming, water skiing. But lots of other lakes like Hot Brook, both upper and lower are another consideration to get your feet wet. The recreational trails connect it all on snow sled or ATV four wheeler or hiking, biking. Bring a picnic lunch. Snacking at the beach or one of the many islands on East Grand Lake is one suggestion! More on East Grand Lake.

Danforth has a library, a well stocked grocery with take out food.

Have a pizza, sub sandwich or seafood basket at The Millyard (Bubba’s Place) while you stop for gas and to stretch your legs, to gawk around. The people are friendly and the Maine sporting camps are where you here stories about the history of Danforth.

Danforth Maine, near Downeast Coastal section of the state.

It is a neat town and northern most in Washington County if you are traveling in this direction on your way to Aroostook County that it borders with the town of Weston, Maine.

The East Grand Vking Danforth Maine school sports teams create lots of games to watch year round.

East Grand Health Center is not a fun place to visit but it is peace of mind knowing it is there if an accident or medical need happens. Lots of Danforth churches, easy walking and rich in railroad history. You used to be able to hop the train to head to Montreal and watch the Expos play the Red Sox from Danforth Maine. Hope someday you can again when passenger train service returns with is efficient and fun! East Grand high school sports teams are another entertainment source. Everybody, all ages work the games and the food grilled outdoors is tasty too! Watch a video of an East Grand Lake Danforth Maine basketball sports game.



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