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The community of Houlton Maine dates back to 1805. 

Established long before Maine became a state. Joseph Houlton traveled north from Salem, Massachusetts.  Houlton, incorporated in4th Parade Houlton Maine1831, is the Shiretown (or County Seat) of Aroostook County. More on early Houlton Maine history.

Houlton Maine is the oldest town in Aroostook County, that is the larger in size then Conneticut and Rhode Island combined.  

Maine is famous for its potato, beef, dairy, brocolli, blueberry, organic  farms, lobster, seafood, extensive timberland of forests, lakes and streams, victorian homes and overall unspoiled scenic beauty.

Space is all around you in Northern Maine especially. 

Houlton, Maine is GPS located 46.1 degree north, 67.8 degree west. Houlton Maine is the center of Aroostook County. More on Houlton Maine.

farmermarket5Aroostook’s population is 73,938 (US Census 2000).  Over 2000 lakes, rivers, streams and ponds dot Aroostook County!

Aroostook has 6435 square miles to explore and is Maine’s largest county of sixteen in this New England state. 

A common question we hear from buyers is “Why are people so friendly?” 

They live a family based, God centered life and are grateful for the elbow room and area beauty!  We respect others and are kind! Being the 4th lowest crime state does not hurt for creating a friendly atmosphere either. Houlton Maine is the birth place of Samantha Smith. 

Ricker College educated many for decades before closing in 1978. University College, part of the University Of Maine system now serves Houlton in a new beautiful facility. Houlton Maine is nearly 500′ above sea level. Known by Maine people as The County, Aroostook is the largest county east of the Mississippi River. Containing the last great wilderness waterway in the East in the Allagash region.

Houlton Maine Interstate 95Located at the northern connection of Interstate 95 and  the Trans-Canada Highway, Houlton ME serves as the gateway to Canada’s Maritime provinces. 

How far from where you are to Exit 302 in Houlton Maine?

Here is the new exit numbering on Interstate 95, which is the beginning of the super highway system that ends up at Key West Florida.

All major U.S. highways, Routes 1,2, 2A & I-95 connect here! Houlton Maine is 117 miles from Bangor,  253 miles from Portland, 350 miles from Boston. Being a Houlton Canadian Maine US border town has its perks. We get to visit the Atlantic Canadian Provinces easily… like Prince Edward Island!

Interstate 95 makes access easy from points south.

Pilots enjoy Houlton International  Airport and its inexpensive fuel plus quickness to clear US Customs and Immigration procedures! More on Houlton International Airport, a big perk of living in Southern Aroostook County! Learn about other communities in Southern Aroostook, Northern Maine.

Our airport offers runways over 5000′ long and was a major contribution to World War Two’s lend lease effort. German prisoners of war that helped area Houlton Maine farmers tend to their crops were housed at the airport on the Canadian border. wings wheels houlton airport

Watch a Wings and Wheels video that showcases the local Houlton International Airport facility.

The Houlton Maine industrial park is located in this same area of the “Shiretown”.

Presque Isle’s airport is 46 miles north and like Bangor, with daily flights by major airline carriers. Rental cars are available in Houlton Maine. When you are in Maine, you get to explore Vacationland. Like heading to places like the coast of Maine called “Downeast“. 

There are four local motels, plenty of rental waterfront cabins, camp grounds and a few bed and breakfast inns in Houlton Maine.

Roughly 81% of Aroostook County is forested!  Aroostook has 54 towns, 2 cities and 108 unorganized towns. Caribou and Presque Isle Maine are the two cities of Aroostook County.

A pretty town, with 6,750 population, Houlton Maine is a well established community. Find a modern school system and a dozen churches that minister to the needs of many faiths. Art, civic and social groups are vigorous and active.

There is a new, modernHoulton Maine Loaded With Victorian Homes hospital with over 77 beds and 20 physicians on staff. Ask about assisted living facilities and four area nursing homes for the elderly retired group that support the Houlton Maine population. 

Our local airport’s elevation is 493′ and it is hangared to protect aircraft. Houlton Maine has one of Maine’s two Doppler weather radar stations.

Internet connectivity in Houlton Maine and what about cable, cell phone and land line providers?

This is the helpful, time saving link for anyone moving, relocating, retiring to the Houlton Maine area for Internet, communications and computer repair. Study the Moving To Maine Buyer’s Guide information.

Here are some helpful tips for moving, relocating and what to do when beyond just packing up for the big trip to Maine. boyntheboot

Your relocation move to Maine does not have to be filled with unknowns and anxiety.

We stock the information shelves about the A to Z as a welcome wagon roll out the red carpet treatment.

Little things like where to shop for food, groceries in Houlton Maine are topics tackled to help brand new to the area real estate buyers.

Houlton’s downtown Market Square and Main Street are on the Historic Register of Historic Places!

Houlton Maine is served by a weekly paper, the Houlton Pioneer Times and an FM radio station, WHOU. High speed cable, dsl and wireless internet give Southern Aroostook a portal opening to the world wide web. Six Houlton Maine banks, lending institutions can help you with any financial needs.

Our fire and local police are full time, State police, sherrif’s office and U S Border Patrol are also headquartered in Houlton, Aroostook’s county seat. Since 911, friendly smaller and slower paced Houlton is what many relocating families are seeking for a wholesome lifestyle. 

Houlton Maine US Border Crossing PortMaine is the 4th lowest crime state, Aroostook County is half again of that pretty awesome statistic.

Northern Maine’s three electrical providers are Maine Public Service, Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative and Houlton Water Company.

Northern Maine has 11 people per square mile. 

Southern Maine a little more populated with 44 friendly folks in that same sized plot of land. The being close to Boston adds to the traffic, cost of living, proximity of neighbors.

Smith & Wesson, Louisana Pacific, Ward Cedar Log Homes & Kathahdin Maine Cedar Homes, Forest Products are just a few of the manufacturing operations. Maine Cedar Specialty is one more log home building option in Aroostook County.

Farmers, loggers, sportsman camps in the Maine woods and on lakes help bring money into Aroostook too. maine band

Transportation is big too in the Southern Aroostook County and the gateway to the Atlantic Provinces. 

Government jobs with our US – Canadian border location and county seat status and retirement incomes also contribute to the local economy.

Telecommuting on line is a new way to live in Houlton Maine.

So bring your old job with you from out of state! Internet connectivity is state of the art in Northern Maine. 

Maine is the 46th lowest state for FSSR (foreclosure, short sale, repossession related real estate sales). The idea of Maine retirement, relocation is very appealing due to safer slow pace and low cost quality housing options. Gain a true sense of local community in Northern Maine that is lacking in many fast paced hurried parts of the country now. People care about each other.

Houlton is a four season recreation area for fun and relaxation. Picnic and camping opportunities are just minutes away. In summer,Houlton Maine Farm Property Aerial swimming, boating, baseball, soccer, horseback riding, horseshoes and tennis get into full swing.

McGill’s 62 member community band performs weekly in the amphitheatre beside the classic granite stone, well stocked Cary Library.

See the red, white musicians above making outdoor summer music in the park?

Take the Cary Library video tour

Houlton Maine schools have the highest percentage of students in band and chorus programs in Maine! Houlton Maine is music town of Vacationland.

derby 1998Our Northern Maine Soap Box Derby Race the nation’s largest for five years running!

Soap Box Derby in Maine has Houlton as the venue for downhill racing!

Sailing, kayaking and fishing the many area lakes is always an option.

Hiking Baxter State Park / Mt Katahdin another choice! Tee off at four area golf courses. Houlton Community Golf Course is a 2979 yard, par 36 course. ATV/snowsled  miles and miles of woods trails in unorganized sections of Northern Maine!

Autumn brings brilliant foliage, hunting for birds, bear, deer and moose and the potato harvest recess for youth to earn both money and the work ethic Aroostook County is famous for! Enjoy the great outdoors?

Be content here!  Bike, hike, swim, sail, ski, sled,  jog or walk around the four seasons beauty of “The County” on a well developed network of trails. Lighted tennis courts, indoor pool, ice arena, two movie theatre screens, health clubs and the great four season outdoors await your inspection!

Hungry? Places to eat, dine, restaurants in Houlton Maine. Here’s the link to where to shop for food, groceries in Houlton Maine.

Wintertime means snow sledding, down hill and cross country skiing, skating in the new Millar Civic Center, ice fishing, hooting for yourNorthern Maine Soap Box Derby Racing favorite basketball or hockey team or just plain being lazy before a glowing wood fire.

No matter if its a vacation getaway lake cabin you want or a simple desire for a quality community to raise your family or to retire in, you can have it all here in Maine! 

There is no better place on earth to live, work and play!

Maine..Slow down and live the good life in Houlton, Maine!  Maine, the way life should be.  Find what you have been missing in Aroostook County!

Ask about 1031 exchanges to save taxes and consider a second vacation or full time home in “The County”!  Or land on a lake, river, pond, stream. Or buy a job, own a small Maine business. To make what you are worth. camp life maine ice fishing photo

Moosestompers is an area wide celebration of winter during school vacation week in February.

Watch the Moosestompers video to see the outdoor family fun.

Maine snow sledding is big with lots of groomed trails, many Northern snow sled clubs to entertain you over the winter.

Travel to Maine on snowmobile!

Watch the Big Rock ski video. Or head across the US border in to New Brunswick Canada, and ski down Crabbe Mountain

See what Downeast Magazine says about Houlton, Maine! The December 2002 issue touts that it does not get any prettier than Houlton, Maine!

We can send you the highlights as you do your homework on Southern Aroostook County and the Houlton area!

Martha Stewart also headed into “The County” to do a story on the Houlton Maine Victorian Aroostook County Townpotato harvest to promote the unique flavor of the family potato picking on a Maine farm

Low cost homes, high quality family life, a sane pace without the pushing and shoving common elsewhere!

Learn more about the community of Houlton Maine.

Maine is ranked the #1 state for living and raising youngsters. Come see the Maine Wind Farm in Mars Hill!  Or the lumbermen’s museum in Patten Maine!

Are you ready to climb off the fast paced treadmill where you live now and get back to basics? 

Maine..the way life should be.  Life’s short.  You can not beat “The County” as a place to call home! We are proud of our area and wish to share it with you! Houlton is exit 302 on I-95 and smack dab on the Canadian border! We travel back and forth across the International border a lot. For shopping, for dining, vacations and site seeing.

MOOERS REALTY is here to find your ideal property. 

Let’s get started…. Ready to roam? Worried about black flies and Maine mosquitoesLet us know your questions! Many can be answered in the Maine real estate buyers / sellers resource link.

Consider the Houlton area as a safe, fun place to retire or to raise a family in. Friendlier, but fewer people and countless recreationalMcGill's Community Band Entertains Local Music Lovers possibilities any season. The Maine images tell the story without words! The local Maine community videos we produce help show the people, the flavor of this area of Vacationland. There is nothing like small town rural living where you feel the local connection between the neat people who live here. That tighter, friendlier population reaches out and cares about each other.

Folks pitch in and help each other in Northern Maine. 

Aroostook County residents have a passion for the outdoors, nature, wildlife. With all this fresh air, clean water and wide open space.
houltonmaine100And incredible hometown local pride.That is obvious when you cross the town line or step foot in a small corner grocery, walk a downtown street.

Area folks in Houlton Maine get involved in their local community events, churches, schools, civic and social clubs.

Home grown, live and local. To make it a better place to live, work and play. More on Houlton Maine, Aroostook County Shiretown. Maybe you need to know about jobs, work in Houlton Maine to make the relocation move. Whatever you have for questions or concerns, MOOERS REALTY wants to hear about them! Here to help in any way possible! We love where we live and know you will too!

There is nothing stronger than the heart of a Houlton Maine volunteer. I am one and here for your questions on the area that is second to none. Like to know more about Maine real estate property listings

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