Don’t Pull The Maine Real Estate Listing Marketing Plug In Winter.

mainehomechristmas1The age old question about whether a property listing, a home or house in Maine should be marketed over the winter months?

Sure as shooting it should. Why would you stop the marketing beam? The ultimate goal of any Maine real estate house sale campaign is to hit the largest audience possible. All the time.

For more impressions. To reach more eyeballs, tickle more eardrums in the case of  video for real estate. Real estate is a numbers game.

And when you pull the plug, the momentum gets lost. Completely. Poof. Gone. After all that polishing up the place to get ready for a Maine home sale.

Maine real estate buying and selling happens year round.

Never stops. The frequency of the marketing to stay in the corner of the Maine home real estate buyer’s eye is critical. To be on the tip of his or her tongue, front and center suddenly stops if you the seller “pull”, suspend the listing until spring. Think also beyond the local market and the buyer who outside has more loose ends to tie down. But as the winter ticks by, those details get fine tuned for his sale in spring when you might rather sell anyway. But to not have your property listing being toured on line with video, the images studies, the information scanned is short sighted in the Maine home sale process. Don’t stop the marketing!

Winter is one month of four and Mainers spend every season outdoors. Live here for a reason. Probably most pretty heat intolerant. We just dress different to match every season’s outdoor recreational options. Maine home owners can add a contingency that we’re not moving until say May 15th. But like any contingency of a Maine real estate sale, go easy on being too demanding when you want, need a Maine home property sale. The more that get added, the narrower, more shallow the group of potential house buyers.

The Maine home not available for purchase, closing until after the new tax year happens. Or until school gets out, etc. To tailor make the sale to shape the life twists and turns the Maine home seller is currently maneuvering. But also realize the timing of the outside Maine home real estate buyer’s purchase is up in the air too. Regardless of the season.

Real estate home sales in Maine are a match making exercise.

Winking in the dark is not so effective when flirting. Same disappointment happens when the marketing for your Maine home stops before it sells. Don’t pull the plug. Don’t let the lights go out. Keep the signal broadcasting because if it is not out in front of the public, when that buyer is looking, nothing shows up on the housing radar for your property listing. They are ready, you figure you are not, better wait.

But back to the Maine winter marketing exposure for homes, houses that are listed. If you stop the marketing band wagon razzle dazzle, exposure, the on line property hunter sees nothing from your corner. Your home goes black. Like it’s in a no fly zone. Do you want that? If you are worried about shelf life, adjusting the price to lead the market, to get found in a lower price bracket on search engines for real estate sites is key. Regardless of the season, weather.

And if the Maine home is empty, sure let’s find a quality house renter.

But don’t promise a year for them to figure out if they are buying or not. Month to month in Maine works best. Knowing a bank loan mainelakeprocess can take two months or more. A closer look at the renter often shows they are not able to buy now and a year from now won’t make a bit of difference.

Except now your life has been put on hold. For a renter.Who does not want to move in the winter, to lose the place. Then buy it!

Month to month, no long term delays in the sales of the Maine home work best for the owner for renters with good references. The seller who needs to sell.

Primary focus on that Maine home sale, then rental of it in the mean time becomes secondary to help subsidize the overhead, financial drain, strain.

The notion that if you property is listed for sale you have to move as the owner does not consider you can have contingencies for the Maine house sale. But be careful. The more you add on, the more difficult the sale becomes. In life, being flexible is key. Not picky. Like in any discussion, argument, communication in relocation or moving in the sale of a Maine home property listing means day to day work on the marketing. Not fire fly, lightning bug on, off. Which confuses the buyer of your Maine home that was just starting to get interested.

Has been asking questions, just established the connection with the listing agent, broker. Discussions were just moving on, heating up from the area information to your specific property listing in the local market.

Right up to the point when the Maine home is suddenly missing. MIA, Gone AWOL.

Not found on line anymore. The notion it must have sold halts the interest, stops the courting, sparking process. Smothers the burning desire fire to make it the one they end up actually buying. Another available property being promoted without fear of a little snow in the forecast is the Maine home that ends up being sold. That could have been your Maine home sale.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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