Ever Spent 13 Hours In A Lawn Chair? | Maine Bluegrass Music

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Whoa, not talking about someone in the time out corner. But today it is hard for many to stay focused, sitting still for very long.

Sometimes because of overbooked lives we marathon. Other times because of the need to make sure you are not missing out at having it all. So thirteen hours in a colorful, maine lakes summer photolightweight portable chair.

Wearing sunglasses, suncreen protective lotion.

Like a happy toe tapping, gently swaying, humming raisin.

Under the blue skies just soaking up the mix of tunes, rays, refreshment.

Totally relaxed. No anxious feelings to get up and go, somewhere, anywhere. That brand of being antsy often creeps into a daily life of folks on the hand gallop run. But not at the Fort Fairfield Maine venue for one popular musical event. Because you want to be stuck in park for the day.

This weekend there is a winter weekend of Bluegrass Music. But the really big “shoe” as Ed Sullivan would promote and remind. The big event is in the summer in Aroostook County Maine. July 23-26, 2015 is this year’s day span for the Northern Maine bluegrass festival.

This morning, I talked with a couple coming out of a local diner where I pull up a counter stool for breakfast. Now that the four kids are grown. The wife in this pair told me she spends thirteen hours in a lawn chair every summer.

Yes there are breaks from the live music performances of a variety of bands that trek to Aroostook from all directions. Set times for nature calls, to snack and yack.

But pretty much it is all about the bluegrass music in Maine.

That keeps you on the edge or settling into the back low in your folding lawn chair. For the morning and afternoon performances of a variety of bluegrass musical artists.

This lady’s favorite was Little Roy and Lizzie that records in Nashville TN.


Or Blistered Fingers, a band from Litchfield Maine I believe she said.


My favorite bluegrass music came from the movie, Brother Where Art Thou?


Music, in Maine there is much locally produced.

Lots of acts that are imported. Come in throughout the year so you and I are able to get our fix of live music tuneage in Maine.

Often the sounds of the natural surroundings are what the urban city dwellers hanker the most. Because where they live it is hard to hear yourself even think. maine amish in easton maine photo

To capture, rearrange your thoughts above the noise of a large populated area.

Where space is at a premium or very expensive to obtain.

In those kind of hollering places where here it comes. The frustrated phrase request.  “What? What  did you say?” can take its toll.

Your body can get battle weary, bone tired and just parched as dust from being sucked dry. You need to have fun, laugh, dance, be social. Get something back from all the putting it all on the line just to make ends meet eight days a week as the Liverpool four crooned.

Worry makes you old fast. Just working to fill your time wastes one after another opportunity for recreation, for reflection.

Think of Maine for the nourishing, healing music of a babbly brook, the lapping lake with solos and duets by Maine loons.

Or combined with the crashing of waves, breathe deep the smell of salt air at one of many quaint Maine harbor town venues. While buoys clang in the distance along with distant lobster boat beep beeps. Or lighthouse low frequency fog horns. Affordable housing in Maine too if you decide to relocated. Maine, come for a day, end up stayiing a lifetime.

Wherever you end up, the whisper of the wind in the vibrating pine needs or song birds in the trees will give you the background music you can not buy in stores. Or download online.

Get to Maine, it is not like this in any other place. Maine, the place with the space. More wildlife, less people happens in Maine dubbed Vacationland.

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