Expectations | Establish Them Early In Maine Real Estate Deal.

Maine Lighthouses Help Warn About Obstacles, Set Expectations About Hazards.

What to expect that is lurking, around the next corner in a Maine real estate property sale. Expectations.

Maine Lighthouses Help Warn About Obstacles, Set Expectations About Hazards.Hoping everything goes smoothly, working toward the end. But the bad news goes down way way easier if talked about earlier.

Discussed before coming up in the real estate selling process.

Hopefully with the buyer and seller of real estate remembering being told this could happen so it was expected as a possibility.

And if it does happen then this is the option array for solutions. That are quickly run through to keep the sale on track maneuvering around any twist or setbacks. Setting up the game plan, going over the mental chalk board storyboard exercise to realistically set up how this Maine real estate movie has a happy ending. So the unfamliar real estate sale process is not so hairy scary.

 Expectations. So ground has been covered, already been talked about when it does come up. So what to expect down the real estate highway for unforeseen roadblocks are out in the open, in broad daylight for all to know about, to see and be aware of so no punches pulled. No surprises.

So much of what we do is beyond listing, peddling properties in the Maine real estate process.

More than promoting the local area. Or providing time saving helpful information for real estate buyers and sellers. We deal with people, ones in tough spots with a foreclosure looming overhead. Their kids having to consider moving back in with grandparents because of a job loss, or illness of a Mom or Dad. Or divorce, or transfer where getting the kids to the new school on time is critical. Pretty time sensitive.

Being air traffic controller, a lighthouse beacon to ride herd on the entire real estate sale operation is key. Someone has to be overseeing the process to know what, where, how, why to get to the closing table. To instill confidence in others that not to worry, have it under control and as the kids say “it’s all good”.

But being a little bit Dr Phil and a sympathetic ear is valuable too.

Along with clearly setting realistic expectations early on in the real estate sale. So no one jumps to the wrong conclusion. Reduces misunderstandings in conflict resolution that takes away time from what it most important. Getting the real estate property listing to a closing. For transfer of title.

It is way way easier to deal with problems, set backs or just over anxiousness to make the sale happen early on. Then waiting until you and the real estate buyer, seller are knee deep in a problem, a glitch. Back pedaling, the issues taking on a life of their own. And then everyone looking for someone to hang, to hold responsible.

The real estate buyer and seller may not be happy about the situation developments you have to share with them. But at least realize you are right there with them, alerted them it could happen. Knew what to do from experience when it did. Maine, big state, friendlier people, drop dead gorgeous outdoor scenery. Get here quick as you can to find you place in the space called Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


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