Expectations, Some A Maine Real Estate Broker Sets.

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What the Maine real estate buyers, sellers expect in property sales?

Sometimes realistic. Other times pie in the sky happens looking down the road for expectations. The maine foliage road photohardest situation is the young couple, first time Maine home buyers.

They qualify barely for a $40,000 or less home loan.

The trouble is no closing costs for the above and beyond saved up. Looking for the seller, expecting the owner to pick up the tab.

And because the Maine home is in the $40,000 property search bracket, it is not going to be in perfect new, show room condition for a finnicky loan program underwriting standards.

May have some hurdles, tall ones to scale to please the Maine home appraiser. Replacing a furnace is not done with chump change. Money found down in the seat cushions of the couch. From rounding up, taking the empties back to the bottle redemption place.

 No money to shingle that roof that is not leaking today. But will any moment now if a strong wind comes up. And for the appraiser to sign off, to get a clear to close from the bank underwriting department, the long list of repairs. That someone has to do for his or her return trip to see the Maine home is ship shape.

If the place was in better shape it would not be a Maine home this young couple could qualify for and swing.

Kicked up into a higher price bracket on the MLS search feature. For the sink or swim to do or die for a Maine home loan. maine lake summer photo

The other hard expectation is the buyer online that sees a handy man special.

That needs so much TLC you have to wonder does the place have even a weak pulse?

There is a reason the home in Maine for sale is under water across the board and priced $9900.

The lot, well, septic and maybe a garage that is salvagable is worth the prorperty price and often not paying a red cent for the Maine house. But still does not stop some buyers for expecting perfection. A small job jar. Not a 55 gallon drum full of expensive loose ends.

The what to do now Maine home decisions on the ones that could go either way. Tear it down, burn it, or start the repairing process. Of undo, redo, then make do. And still you have a Frankenstein Maine home situation on your hands that has only gotten worse.

Those expectations of the Maine home just needing a splash dash of paint, paper. An air freshener plugged in the bathroom wall outlet and we’re pretty much done here are unrealistic.

Consider the price for the Maine home with ten foot pole marks all over it is under $10,000! The buyer who dreams about whipping it into shape like the leaning, spindly Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

The seller who says he is motived to sell the Maine home too needs a heart to heart talk.

He says he is highly motived to sell. But only if he can pull off a real surprise upset with a proceeds figure from the Maine house sale of many times its real value. And a ceiling to floor long list of contencies if he does. No one is going to agree to these terms only a pirate would issue.

Maine banks don’t make those kind of home mortgage loans. me snow sledders photo

The house appraiser is the eyes and ears of what is going on out at the property.

In from the curb where they do the walk through.

And the comparable sales, listings don’t make the numbers work if pie in the sky overpricing is expected to win tickets to a Maine home real estate closing.

A Maine real estate agent, broker sets the expectations early on. And along the way reminds what happens next before it does. What could happen around this next corner if the Maine home sale bogs down. We like happy endings to our Maine home sale movies. So do buyers and sellers who should not waste time and money funding nightmares.

Avoiding problems, seeing what’s up ahead. Experience, paying close attention to the many small details that can make or break a Maine home sale. Love that part of the navigation, guidance, education experience  to build trust. Have done all the kinds, seen the many situations of selling Maine homes, other property listings for over 34 years.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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