FAA Part 107 License To Fly Real Estate Drone Missions

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Getting FAA Part 107 drone FAA license to fly real estate missions.

Do you need a drone pilots license to fly FAA real estate missions today? Yes.
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Wearing Pilot Wings, Aviator Sunglasses, Controlling The Yaw On Your Real Estate Drone.

This blog post delves into the process of studying for and passing your FAA Part 107 drone license to fly unmanned real estate missions.

If you don’t hire your drone out for commercial flying, there was a time where the need to be licensed did not seem so important. But the language is clear about the need for a drone FAA license to fly your real estate unmanned quad copter.

But what if you are a licensed real estate agent or broker who is only collecting aerial photos and video loop imagery on your own properties?

Then it’s all good, don’t need a FAA license to fly the quad copter drone right? Hope. It is easy to think hey, I’m not using my real estate drone for hire. Just my own media collecting from overhead a new property listing. Or to showcase a local community event, so what’s the big whoop?
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Real Estate Drone Missions, You Have to FAA Part 107 Licensed To Fly Them For Safety Sake.

Safety, flying a real estate drone or not on a particular day is all about the conditions and people around you.

Lack of licensing mean you are not qualified to fly. Not knowledgeable about laws surrounding real estate drone flights. Flying by the seat of your pants and barnstorming your local airspace without training is dangerous, reckless. Would you board a flight to anywhere if you knew the men and women in the front of the plane had no training, no licensing? Would you flying a plane and sitting in coach take the challenged if asked? Tapped on the shoulder to come up front to try your hand at flying this silver bird? Even if you are pretty good with the eye to hand coordination on a couple virtual video games. When you fly a plane on a TV screen, think you have the experience to do the real thing?

Flaps up, retracting your landing gear and reading METAR weather reports and instrument flying looks a lot easier watching Top Gun or Hollywood aircraft dog flight maneuvers.

Just because the drone for real estate is “unmanned” does not mean it could be dangerous to people, private property or privacy.

Be honest. You are flying real estate drone missions even for just your own business benefits you financially too.

The still and video imagery substantially improve your real estate marketing and involve a high flying unmanned drone buzzing around the property listing and community showcasing.
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Real Estate Drone Photos And Video Are Greatly Enhanced Using Unmanned Drones.

The “not getting paid” instantly upfront for each drone flight part of the FAA licensing law is what makes some think no direct check compensation, no problem taking to the skies around me.

If you were selling your own home, it is easy to think flying a real estate drone overhead would be an okay one time exception. But the FAA wants the intent of the drone operation defined clearly before any drone takes off the ground. So aerial photos during a recreational flight that someone buys for later on. See how things change Some Q&A real estate drone questions answered. Your business page on social media “benefits” from these same personal images or video loop shot and saved from overhead.
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What’s It Look Like From Overhead The New Property Listing For Sale? Drones For Real Estate Help Showcase The LIstings!

So getting licensed to fly your drone for real estate, the FAA says you must.

More on the license FAA part 107 flying regulations. It is the only way to fly. Here’s more on what the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) says about fly a drone. There is nothing like the feel of lifting off and pulling back to reveal a large Maine lake or hundreds of acreage of farm field or woodland behind a new property listing.
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Just Hovering And Lower To The Ground. Fly Too High And Your Real Estate Buyer Misses Out And Is Forced To Squins.

The aerial drone video and stills of the Maine real estate listing really put the property listing puzzle pieces together for the online viewer.

Thank you for following our real estate blog posts on our Mooers Realty real estate website. Glad to be a FAA licensed drone pilot and using aerial still and video photography to help promote the local listings and neat small rural communities I served in Northern Maine! I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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