Farms For Sale In Maine, Why Are Land Properties So Popular?



Farms for sale in Maine, the demand is growing and for many good reasons.

First and foremost, low land values in Maine make it a sleeping giant for an attractive investment option. You get more bang for your buck. Extra Maine farm land acreage for less price. Second, what you do buy for rich fertile soil from the lower expense, big inventory selection of agricultural land means a better crop to harvest. Good results happen from all the hard work tilling up the farm acreage. In preparing the soil for seed beds with additional soil amendments add to the growing recipe.

The plowing, drainage contour considerations field by field means cultivating, weeding and nurturing is all part of the farming exercise. No matter what you do plant that has  better odds of success in Maine.

Farming today is more apt to have good results when crop rotation stretches out to a more healthy interval that provides the soil a well deserved rest. A little R and R relaxation to fortify with ground covers that get turned back under into the soil is a very good practice if you plan to keep the farming tradion alive and well.farmmorning

Want another reason why Maine gets the nod for farm land investment?

When water is not an issue like many areas of the country where it is not so lush and green, Maine gets another check mark off the list. Plenty of water is another huge plus for the agriculture producer.

Like you and I, plants and animals need unlimited amounts of clean fresh water on site. Not a river like the Colorado that Californians depend on so desperately or the wet stuff brought in by expensive piping and pumps.

When a buyer is stepping out to search for farm land for sale in Maine, their “gotta have” check list boxes all get filled in top to bottom.

Because I hear it a lot, from a real estate buyer not just after a new house to buy or build. But land in Maine for farming is for a bunch of reasons. It’s because we get “back where we come from …”  (here we go again said in a nice way…) The land buyer settling in on Maine will go on to  lament how expensive or nonexistent land is, that irrigation is needed and one more thing.

cows mooers2Local home owner associations (HOA) and restrictive zoning can choke even the best intention a grower closer to a population center faces.

He or she may be handy to a market to consume what is raised from the dirt. But there is a high price to pay to work around all the urban barriers as the population increases.

Many urban farmers plant for sale signs and bail out when property taxes near cities drive them out of Dodge.

When they are forced to sell off their land spreads to developers that slice and dice the acreage into more valuable subdivision house lots.The farm who cuts and runs while they can then shift their focus. They look long and hard to lower cost, larger acreage Maine for the next life transition.

The farms around the cities are one by one removed from agricultural production. Because building and buying in the suburbs where it is more affordable for those working the 9 to 5 in the city is the urban trend. (Hey record spinner DJ man, please cue the BTO song about “Taking Care Of Business would you please in 3, 2,1.) Slow moving farm machinery on a fast moving four lane highway don’t mix together so well.

houltonmaine000005So lower cost Maine land, the ability to buy more acreage to crop rotate and treat the soil the way Mother Nature intended as good stewards of the Earth.

Add in the fact that the entire state of Maine has only about 1.3 million souls spread out nicely.

It’s mostly small rural town populations and only a handful of cities in Vacationland.

It is a no brainier why all the interest in agricultural properties in Maine is on the rise. Maine scores highly. Four times the national average for new first time micro-farmers. Farms, farmetts, houses with quite a few acres surrounding them and included in the real estate sale. Those are pretty popular when the emails come in and when I study who wants what in the phone calls or office lobby visits.

S-P-A-C-E, no neighbors, no mortgage either is what real estate buyers on the hunt for farm property listings search for aggresively day and night.

Country living in Maine is more relaxed. Less people, less rules and regulations herding and guiding them simplifies life. Oh sure, Maine is tough on making sure to protect the environment. Like shore land zoning polices to preserve the pure and natural waterways stay that way. So they get passed on to the next generation in as good or better shape then they were handed off to the current owner paying the real estate property taxes.

Using an old Farmall M or H, or John DeereB or 420 tractor and yesterday two row equipment is fun. Means you are not going head over heels into debt to buy the $200,000 copies of the latest and greatest. Stay small and keep your overhead the same way is how many of the new farming breed want to live off the land. Fixing an old barn, putting up fencing, the watering and haying your critters, collect eggs in the hen house and have one incredible garden, heating the homestead with wood is self sufficient rewarding!

Canning and preserving, processing a year ahead wood stove firewood exercise does not harm the kids expose to the farmstead lifestyle. The wood cook stove in the kitchen with the two rocking chairs when it is time for coffee. Using open and glassed porches for a nap or early evening conversation. Are you looking for a farm land for sale in Maine?downtownhoultonmaine1

Forget the dead bolts, turn off the security cameras and cut the juice to the chain link surround your house perimeter fencing protecting whatever you fear could happen if you don’t take precautions.

When crime is the 4th lowest in Maine, when the cost of insurance is way way lower to protect your house and personal property, for whatever you drive. Whew, a sigh of relief. You know you are in Maine, the way life should be.

Fear of your personal safety in an impersonal concrete jungle is no way to live. It’s not good for the soul. It robs a big chunk of freedom in how you live, in what rolls around in your head when making decisions in your life. A farm in Maine setting helps all that anxiety go away and never to return.

The cost to protect your personal belongsand associate worry is gone. Everything is cheaper and money is not so important in rural Maine DIY approach to each new day. Rather than hiring everything out, we learn to respect what we have more. And how to tinker with it when it acts up. Less money is needed living that way. It  means more left over at the end of the monthly bill paying cycle set up with your creditors if you have any. There is a pleasant surprise huh? When tallying up what is owed for the day to day cost of living in Maine. farmbarncows2

Less or no debt means living pretty much free and clear as a habit.

Raising your kids on a farm to be self sufficient and to get off the couch and the device.

Eating healthier food you grew yourself without the chemicals. That was raised farm to table with you as the local producer. That’s an important job, a rewarding feeling. It is an important role you fill in the local small Maine town economy as a farmer, producer, grower making your living off the land.

Another positive that makes a new farmer’s chance of success greater in Maine is our strong agricultural history and tradition.

Farming in Maine is a big part of our past and not a new buzz word fad. We were living “green” before someone added the label to the lifestyle choice. Maine has four times greater number of micro farmers than the rest of the nation because of all the above advantages listed that explain the moving to Vacationland trend. The drop dead gorgeous back drop does not hurt either when you add it all up to decide to move. When you decide to point your wagon north after hitching up the horses to hit the trail. Leaving the city setting getting steadily smaller in your rear view mirror.

Trust is another big factor in why Maine for self sufficient homestead living.

Do you think the majority of us trusts what politicians say, what the media reports and what advertisers spin? Pulling in the horns and wanting to be left alone does not make you an isolationist or to deserve the label “paranoid” either. It is getting back some semblance of control in your life and seeking moderation and sanity. It is becoming more frugal with how you spend your time and financial resources. Slow down and get centered.

Self medication happens all around us without sounding too much like Dr Phil. Our website insertions ask on simple question a lot. Is something missing in your life? Too many pop pills and recite prayers, practice retail therapy hoping for a pharmaceutical and religious revelation to end the chaos of out of control living. Much of what is wrong is three word related. “Too Many People”. Not in Maine. I am glad we are insulated and further up the pike. elliot farmboy

Many hit the panic button and start following the big blue evacuation circles on the signs leading them out onto the super highway. Forced to take to the open highway to run away from the  life crippling high pressure and expensive city living experience. They want more for their families or heading into retirement. They know they deserve a better way of living.

Maine offers the source of hope and is the answer for many after a small scale hobby farming healthy lifestyle choice. The soon to be retired home owners who can not make ends meet if they stay in the urban neighborhood. They start looking into Maine as the next stop when costs have climbed beyond their reduced fixed monthly income where they live now.

It is like last call when the bright house lights come on, as the band stops playing and packs up their gear. And the bouncer announces loudly “we don’t care where you go now but all we know is you can’t stay here”.

And everyone heads to the parking lot to call it a night or early morning.

Moving to Maine is the right direction for a low cost farmstead, for a patch of dirt to create the peace and quiet space needed to enjoy life. Not race through it missing the pleasure that needs to be gleaned for personal satisfaction along the way. Selling out in more expensive urban real estate markets means no mortgage, finally living debt free. That is a huge relief to have money left over for a cushion, for savings when you decide to buy a property with land, something from the farms for sale in Maine category.farms in maine 2

They come in all acreage sizes, property types and locations to fit any budget.

Have you been doing your home work and thought about relocating to Maine and want some land, some woods, a little water to go with your farmstead purchase for better living in Maine than where you are now?

Farm, land in Maine what you are searching for today or down the road. Reach out, let’s talk. It’s time to act on the dream, the desire to seriously check out and get into gear to buy a listing in the section called farms for sale in Maine.

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