Five Reasons Why People Buy Maine Land.

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The motivation to buy Maine land, boils down to five reasons buyers do it from the property pools of real estate purchasers.

Listings on Maine land, acreages are attractive in rural areas to folks living in too tight quarters. It is the way it has always been in the sprawling city. Easy houlton farms dairy bar phototo assume it is like this everywhere else across the nation.

In urban places where elbow room if there is any available, land comes with a very high price tag.

Gonna cost you. in short supply. Pretty rare and totally unlike the wide open aspect of an underpopulated state like Maine.

So the need for space, to breath and not be on top of other people, in their face and vice versa is one big motivation to buy Maine land.

As much as the budget will handle buying land in Maine.

The second reason for buying Maine land is the low price.

You always get third, fourth helpings, generous sized portions of Maine property. The listings are attractively priced.

The third reason to Maine land buying is due to the larger size lending itself to a parcel being split, sold off in pieces.

And you get back your original investment, quickly own the property free and clear. Or could slice off a piece every five years, make a division to leave to loved ones. Without going the extra step on a big property to kick off an approved subdivision.

The fourth reason folks buy to not have the investment disappear. Stay solid, underfoot, always there to walk on, enjoy.

baxter park photoAnd to leave to the next generation to use on Vacations, long weekends and to maybe eventually retire, relocate to from out of state.

Where many Maine land buyers live, work but not by choice out of state.

And not for any longer than they have to if they can help it.

Maine land does not evaporate, you can stand on it, build on it. Live off it.

Do all the sporting past times for rest and relaxation Maine is famous for and why she is called Vacationland.

And the fifth reason real estate acreage buyers make the purchase is often simple ease of owner financing Maine land.

Sellers of Maine land don’t need to replace it usually. Often don’t have a mortgage, bought the property originally with owner financing, seller help in carrying some paper. To fit their budget, to offer installments to before you know it be paid off, owned free and clear. Which is what living in Maine is all about, we just don’t like debt.

Here is a how owner financing Maine land works explanation video.


Maine land for recreational use by hunters, fishermen, snow sledders or ATV enthusiasts does not have to be top shelf special either.

Junk cheap Maine land that is used by the vacationers, part time owners is purchase more for the inexpensive price tag and maine lake sunset photojust to have a simple location. To not have to be on a Maine lake, river, pond, stream or the ocean but just near it. To be able to easily access it.

Neat to just have a parcel of property for the things, activities like hiking, skiing, ice fishing, boating, whatever the buyer of Maine land does for fun. The reason the land in Maine is bought in the first place. And often by a group of folks who hang out together in their free time or are related anyway.

Or land is bought to take the first step of being self sufficient, self reliant.

Living off grid and raising their own food, heating with wood from the Maine land.

So Maine land, way way under valued, always low cost and easier to own than most other places on the blue and green revolving marble.

Anywhere else on the planet when you are toying with a purchase, and should be considering, looking hard at  Maine land.

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