Flexible, Creative Real Estate Days Spent Problem Solving.

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Real estate in Maine days start with a thought out plan.

But flexibility, creative solutions have to be an agent or broker’s pair of shadows all day, into the evening hours. Because what we do is not just empty houses being bought and sold. truck vending real estate photo

There are buyers and sellers, real live people.

Connected  to the real estate in Maine exercise.

With feelings attached to property listing and selling process.

Real estate is emotional.

In good, bad, even ugly ways. The newly wed couple we had a closing with Friday on a home in Houlton Maine just sold is a good feeling. Not sharped edged or contentious. Quick closing period shuffling the paperwork helps.

But being involved in ugly divorces where a Maine home has to be sold. By a pair of property owners not so wild about each other. It all take takes tact. Patience, understanding, empathy to keep everyone on task. Not fist fighting or mud slinging.

The ability to referee fairly and set a common set of expectations in a Maine real estate home sale, any transfer of property, is ao necessary.

From a pair untying the difficult knot often not so skilled in agreeing on anything these days. But needing your help just the same. To develop trust in your abilities as a Maine real estate agent or broker.

Charged with guiding, navigating the sale of property, whatever it on the chopping block to buy or sell.

The settling estate property sale in Maine when family members are not all happy campers.

Those listings get taken, properties priced realistically to get sold. Forhumming birds in maine photo closure, the final act involving a lost loved one.

Letting go or getting dragged.

Working around the emotions or raw feelings of history.

For those left around the supper table. To defend, tend to the many estate affairs loose ends. Many that have never filled these shoes before and it shows.

Something happening long ago before the real estate broker or agent in Maine planted the for sale sign in the front lawn. But that threatens the sale if ignored or not picked up on mental radar.

The up against it red flags. Financial repair of credit patience is not easy for those wanting, needing a property to call home right now. But working with all the issues of each individual in the pool of buyers, sellers is one part of the juggling.

More balls introduced from banks for the financing a Maine home and legal problems. Those plus the title problem issues creap into the list, market, sell (repeat).

Everyone we meet has a need and we listen to what they hope to farmers market in maine photoaccomplish.

That I can help with but also needing to discuss heart to heart.

Relay things they had not thought of that will happen if.

Right on schedule in a real estate sale on Maine property.

We have been done this road littered with straight ways and smooth lanes.

Or red flags and filling jaring, just too many pot holes.

To swerve around to stay on the road to the real estate closing.

Life events like death, disease, layoff pink slips.

Along with our out  grew the home or moving up to bigger and better all make added in to make it interesting. Never the same thing each real estate in Maine day.

I love what I do in Maine for the last thirty five years.

The honor to be part of the listing, marketing, selling a property listing. No matter what price range, location, type of property listing. Because it is what I do that does not feel like work. Most days. (Smile)

Here are some real estate buyer and seller resources. To help before and during the real estate listing sale. Like anything, highly technical complex has entered the real estate arena. Properties have to fit certain program requirements. andy mooers ice cream photo

Buyers for Maine homes have to pass the check list of credit score, debt ratio, on the job period of employment and chances of further employment.

To assure the lender for a Maine home that this house sale mortgage is not going to be yanked.

Foreclosure or repossession of the Maine home is not likely to happen.

Sellers can make it easy or difficult with short or long lists of contingencies in a real estate property sale.

I am a matchmaker, problem solver and sensitive to hearing the concerns, addressing the needs, dreams too.

Of the property buyer and seller in Maine. Have to be to bring it all together. To have a successful Maine real estate home, whatever kind of property listing sale.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 | info@mooersrealty.com | MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730


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