Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ, the frequently asked questions that come up manning the Maine real estate phone lines, responding to snail and email that lands at our Maine real estate office.

The list is long. No different than questions raised on any new, unknown area a real estate buyer or seller finds themselves dealing in. When the out of town family has an Maine estate sale for something a single or pair of parents owned, they ask lots of questions. This glossary of real estate terms helps make the process of buying or selling less scary. balloon

Buying, financing a new Maine home, getting a mortgage is another shore of lots of waving hands in the air.

So is shore land zoning in Maine ins and outs to comply with the state and local ordinances. So much of the interest outside of the property listings for sale in Maine is about how things roll day to day.

What is it like living in a small Maine town?

What makes one great? There is a strong connection. 

Over the last thirty eight years of listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate we have learned a few things. That shooting, posting images of Maine saves time to show the online buyer considering investing in Vacationland for a purchase of property what they are getting. What they have been missing.

Photos of Maine say it all.

Easier to close the pie hole and let the eye candy do the talking one by one image.To help those considering moving, relocating to Maine and starved for information to become local experts.

That’s our job to create the what is it like living here. What will you see, what are the people like, what is there to do for fun, how do folks interact to make small town living extra special?

We’ve discovered that local community videos show and tell share the community flavor of small Maine towns best.

Blog posts on simple living in Maine and what happens here in rural Maine as it unfolds is how people online compare notes. With what they know from where they have lived before. And why they are considering the relocation move to Maine. Or at the least investing in a recreational Maine property for part time use. With maybe an eye toward retirement. We all like to keep our life options open right?

 I am pretty high on living in Maine and here is my story from a sit down video interview of myself a few years back. More on the FAQ video inquiries we field to answer on pretty much a daily basis. What we do for fun is so easy to shoot, edit, upload and post with video. Want to go to Canada right now and it is winter? Or closer to where I call home in Maine, let’s check out Big Rock in Mars Hill to ski. Or what the heck.

Let’s head down the pike, southwest into Maine’s Sugarloaf USA ski area using gas saving, right now video.

To get the relocation investment in Maine dream put into action and off the ground.mainelighthousenubble

Raising a family in Maine tops the list for questions from many wanting to feather their housing nests.

Lower cost of living, homes that are affordable and low crime, no traffic and all this unspoiled outdoor living is pretty attractive to young families.

Who are seriously consider moving, relocating to Maine. If they can just get the information they seek. Without digging, waiting, chasing and getting frustration just trying to get answers to questions they should not have to swallow and leave empty handed.

Buffets of rich, hot, ready to serve up information. That’s the job I have to get you fed. To create more so you can come back to snatch and graze on whatever topic.

Another question we hear from Maine real estate buyers is about VA home loans.

So many veterans just are in the dark on their benefits and don’t realize the VA home buying eligibility certificate is a big deal with lots of benefits when purchasing a Maine house.

Videos of soap box derby racing, Houlton Maine was the largest local race in the country five years in a row. Or maybe little league games for your kids is a passion?

And many folks tell us the quality of a local library is everything to them. In sizing up what a small Maine town offers and has to have for them if loving to curl up and enjoy a good book.

In small Maine towns, you learn that you work an event, not pay money to buy a ticket to attend it and then head home.

You are more connected, more invested, have skin in the game. You are inside not outside the community loop. More aware of what goes on around you and part of the process. Way more rewarding living happens in small rural Maine towns.

Small Maine towns are more connected, the people are fewer but the heart of a volunteer is so strong and constant. Feeling hungry? Let’s hit a snow sled club in Maine breakfast.

Or maybe you want to get out on the water, to see what one local Maine lake is all about right now thanks to the Internet. Or how about some blue and pink fresh spun cotton candy, a dough boy, one of those hot spicy sausages and carnival rides are what you need right about now? Come on, we’re going to the Midnight Madness, the 4th of July fair in Houlton Maine. Lots to learn about this vast state for more wildlife than people called Vacationland if you are toying with a move, relocation to Maine.

So FAQ, the frequently asked questions about Maine.

That’s what brought you into this blog post right? Weather in Maine is a big source of the discussion. Usually because folks who have never set foot in Maine, crossed the big green bridge on the southern tip have no idea what this part of the country is like all four of the seasons. More to help ease the wonderment swirling around the weather, climate of Maine.gardenmaine2

We are not located in the North Pole, no one drives dog sled teams or lives in an igloo with polar bears wandering by from time to time in Maine. Look at a weather map and see we are not in the Arctic Circle in Maine and line up with lots of other northern tier states in the USA overlay slide see?

Other FAQ that we field, we run into questions about trails across Maine land listings.

Do those have to stay and no, no they don’t. Totally up to you the new Maine land owner.

Think twice about a lot of no trespassing signs though on your posted Maine land. You might have been needed those ugly keep out signs or else back where you escaped from but not here. It’s like you are in a natural Disney Land or World and no people crowded at the Space Mountain ride. No needed. Respect the property of others rules the day.

Using a trail for snow sledding, hiking, four wheel ATV exploring is a privilege not a right on your Maine land if there is one cross it.

It is at the discretion of the new owner whether to continue or not. Exemption to the rule is your land in Maine borders a discontinued rail road bed where the iron rails are gone. And four season use of the trails for horses, walking, snowmobiles and ATV four wheelers bring money into the tourism coffers and helps local businesses from income generated from these explorers. See the sights Maine offers that takes a lifetime to collect.

The ITS 83 for example in my area of Maine opens up the places you can not get to by car or truck.I like to snow sled so I have a groomed trail across a farm I grew up on and now own because I get to use other like minded people’s land that I respect and always stay on the trail. And tread lightly with the pressure on the gas throttle.

Out in the woods, overlooking water, a long view from a mountain top.

horseswinter1That is the real Maine, where more animals, all the wildlife replaces wall to wall people that 8 out of 10 people put up with daily in city living.

That is why cheap Maine land is a search term put in the space by so so many property buyers looking for their own piece of real estate up here in Vacationland.

Are you one of those with little money, big dreams and wanting a low cost vacation option to run away to Maine?

You are not alone and welcome to the club of folks that think one week’s vacation is not enough of Maine to satisfy their hunger, thirst.

The need to be in Maine where you can hear yourself think, the folks are fewer in number but way way friendlier than in many parts of the country.

Oh on Internet, can I telecommute to Maine? You sure can. Bring your remote online job to Maine, raise that family and enjoy your working and down time relaxing in the Pine Tree state. No one will know the difference of where you actually live but you unless you spill the beans and let others you work with know you are set up and wired high wide and handsome in Maine.

More on Internet, Telecommuting to Maine, the way life should be.

Extra information on jobs, employment, work in Houlton Maine. To help if you are beating the pavement looking for work to make the life change and the move north.lupines

Double back, we’re just getting started with sharing the FAQ with you.

We will keep posting the blog topics so you can learn more about what it is like in Maine. We know buyers and sellers of Maine real estate are very busy. Strapped for time. 

So you don’t stay in the dark or have to wonder, worry or toss and turn late at night. You are making the right decision to buy property in Maine, where real estate listings are so so low priced and unspoiled.

Where crime is low, open space is all around and talk about eye candy, friendly people.

Maine is the way life should be. It is not like this many places. And being parked on the Canadian border adds another need dimension to living. Along with the sparkle of all the pure, clean water front options for rest and relaxation recreation that recharges the soul.

MOOERS REALTY is here, ready, waiting to connect with you and one by one take care of those questions needing answers. Reach out, buying or selling Maine real estate, we’re here to help whatever your needs are.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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Save buyers and sellers of real estate property listings time and money.

That’s the mission every day and night from our corner of the World in Maine. Real estate marketing has a big component to fill under the heading of “education”.mainelakesunset3

To help confused, scared buyers and sellers get up to speed about the real estate process.

About who to turn to get the best deal working with complicated bank financing loan mortgage programs.

To know about legal issues, easements, etc that need the help of a local lawyer to untangle that can crop up to threaten a property sale if not handled right.

Everything that is happening and why.

What could happen and how to avoid the real estate quick sand. That’s what brokers, agents, REALTORS provide the owners, the purchasers. 


Here are some tips for real estate sellers.

Apply more tips for real estate buyers.

Tips for Maine land buyers, including what owner financing is all about that gets used used in property acreage installment sales. And often farming the Maine land is the desire. More on starting a small farm in Maine tips.

We learn a lot too from real estate post mortems to make sure they are happen infrequently.

No one likes to throw in the towel, wave the white flag or have to toe tag a real estate transaction.

Canceling a listing is no fun either. If an agent, broker, REALTOR studies the listing and property sales, learn how they tick. Then it becomes crystal. You see clearly the patterns, red flags when they appear.

Staging property is important because if I can smell it, you may not sell it unless a buyer is nose blind or living with the same odors he brings with him from the last house. Reduce the clutter, clean the place, make sure there are lights and all the systems work properly. If you want a bank to approve the home loan. Give the clear to close green light.

Both groups, sellers and buyers real estate remorse have it happen in property listing sales from time to time.

And don’t forget the local community information that the brand new to the area folks need first. Before moving on to the slice, dice, filtering the segment of the current property listings that interest them most. The real estate for sale that fits their price range and household / lifestyle needs best.

The “tell me about your area” is what I would want if brand new to these parts. To make sure I was doing the right thing buying here. Making the largest purchase most ever do involving real estate in a new unfamiliar area. It starts with learning how the locals live, what makes the small Maine town living sparkle. Why the lifestyle is so rewarding for the less populated small Maine towns the state is dotted with up, down and sideways.

 Learn more about Houlton Maine.

Maybe you are wondering about the Houlton Maine area schools? Or have questions about our Northern Maine weather? Ask questions, don’t swallow them. We’ll call with answers, send emails with links to the learn more on whatever topic interests you most. Text us at 207.532.8960 and we’ll respond at once. And is there a mortgage calculator parked on the right hand lane of this real estate site to run the figures. Play with the numbers for loan payments you are considering. More tips on mortgage program lending options.sunporch

So this section of our MOOERS REALTY real estate website is labeled “Tips & Tricks” for a reason.

Because to work best, we need to be a partner with property buyers and sellers.

To provide both sides of the closing table valuable information they need right up front. All along the way to the final real estate closing.

To set expecations and to explain why this happens, what is going to occur after that.

And to explain what everyone has for a job to do their part to get all of us to the real estate closing on time or at all.

Based on what other folks in the same boat have needed to make the sale easier, more enjoyable.

From people in the buying and selling, the questions they ask over and over. That’s where a lot of where we get the ideas for real estate blog posts that are hunt and pecked on a regular basis.

Written, posted for others to learn from that have a real estate clocks ticking loudly in their lives. And a hungry with a burning desire to get fresh, accurate, total information quickly. It is what I would want if on the other end of this same signal. Estate sales, divorcing real estate owners, keeping track of all the players involved in a sale needs a captain to navigate. Often through choppy waters where if any one makes mistakes, crucial repairs are needed stat to recover from the damage and costly delay. That could cost the sale.

To do our job well, the real estate listing, marketing, selling means always think of ways to save the customer time, money.

Any unneeded frustration is what we hope to avoid if within our power. And every day our office applies what we have learned from thirty six years of Maine real estate business experience. But reinventing our job due to better ways to deliver the service happens too. Technology is a wonderful development for real estate. As long as you read, learn, network and apply new methods to do what we do better.mainesunshine

Blog posts on the more asked questions, the FAQ make it easy to drill down into as far as a person wishes to go. People want information NOW. We don’t want to make them delayed in getting it. A bit at a time is like pulling hen’s teeth right?

Please visit our Mooers Realty blog post section of this website.

Other real estate topics are in there to scroll down through and help yourself.

Come back for more when you have time. Something for both real estate buyers and sellers to realize, over priced property listings don’t sell. That never changes year after year. Forget that key point and pull up the real estate sign. No one’s leaving home. No need to reach for your coat hanging on the hook. The one by the smoke detector, carbon monoxide sensor.

Buyers are not dumb and do their homework on area property  pricing. Banks have mortgage loan appraisers that shake their head, point thumbs down when the price tag is nose bleed too high in the sky.

Tips & Tricks in real estate.

We put ourselves in the shoes of each buyer, seller in a listing property sale. No two real estate transactions quite the same set of variables and we work with all kinds of people as a Maine broker. Lots to share about the ins and out of how we market real estate too.

 Video is a game changer for sure using the eyes and ears. 

To avoid a stall in the connection until the buyer can clear their schedule and physically travel north. Video allows us to deliver the property listings, the local communities surrounding them to the buyer no matter where they are on the planet. Save time, money and see more property and the area without traveling using video.

Room for one more set of tips on moving, the relocating countdown check list. And what about the Interstate 95 exit number chart ? It’s right here, we’re riding shotgun with you on your trip to Maine. You won’t need GPS plugged in.Traffic is missing in Maine, the 4th lowest crime state too. First time home buyer? Help for someone starting out, wanting to stop renting and start owning written especially for the first time home buying a home in Maine crowd in the blogging audience.

Video if you are just needing a job in Maine, seeking work employment!

 When you are ready, reach out, let’s connect and get the Maine real estate process started.

We are an experience Maine real estate broker here to help. It all starts with me listening, you talking and developing a plan for the real estate puzzle piece you need that fits best in your life, dipping into your wallet or purse to fund the property listing closing exercise.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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