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The price tags hanging off the properties, the real estate in Maine are not all the same size.

If you point your car or slide your mouse north, up into the interior of Maine, prices shed pounds. Become skinny, lean and mean. Because the coastal tourist traps, the few cities Maine has to brag about carry hefty prices when it comes time to seriously consider buying a property. The cost of living is lower in rural areas of Maine. Has to be because the local pay scale is lower to the ground to match it.Drews Lake Beavers Photo

The shift from doing it yourself instead of hiring it out is part of moving to rural Maine transition.

To me it improves your life, creates more respect for personal property of your own and others. Because hard work, careful planning and an easy does it attitude is your approach to life. Like the community living, you are more intimate, more connected to the surroundings, to your property where pride is high. Because you are more invested. More on simple living in Maine and being better prepared for whatever is ahead.

 There are lots of perks from getting more for less in the lower cost rural areas of Maine.

 Besides lower priced properties and the greater selection because they sell a little slower, rural markets don’t spike up and down drastically. Because rural areas which most of Maine is classified, there is not the short supply situation that a higher demand a hot city market can develop. That real estate sizzle can actually boil over. To drive prices up even further to eventually price the property right out of the reach of more of the local property listing buyers. The local who hang onto their money but are never too flush with cash to flash. They do their best to avoid debt though. To be prepared for whatever comes down the life pike. cows11
Maine coastal section prices have already driven many of the natives further inland, to the interior regions where affordable housing still exists.
The Internet has opened up the market to increase its size and out of state cash buyers are harder for the lower wage earner in Maine to compete with when chasing down a set of houses keys for the ‘home sweet home”.

Learn more about Maine communities.

Your personal involvement in the area increases as the population gets smaller. You work an event, not just pay to attend it and there, all done. The connection is stronger in small rural community living in Maine. As you look further North, as you focus on interior sections inventories of Mainer real estate, your get more land for less money too.
Be pleasantly surprised getting way more for much less. The average rural area house priced at $71,000 that cost over $200,000 for the same sticks and bricks in say Portland Maine means the expenses vary. To insure the home over $200,000, to maintain it, pay taxes all add to the burden of property ownership.houlton me downtown 3
I’m glad I live in Northern Maine and can enjoy all the benefits of small town living.
But also traveling to the many areas of Vacationland to sample other parts of my state is part of the life adventure.
Here to tell you more about living in Maine, not just to discuss the property listings.
Questions need answering? For over thirty eight years in listing and selling Maine real estate we get them all.
We field them from how’s the Maine weather to what are their for jobs, what’s the fun stuff the locals like to do, etc.
When you are ready. Here to help whether buying or selling Maine real estate.

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