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Getting away from people, Maine space, low cost real estate are one neat combination.

Maine is pure and natural socially distant spread out for folks who live or vacation here. Long before COVID hit and the push back memo to keep your distance for health reasons. Maine was already well known for it’s spread out nicely, plenty of elbow room.

Generously spaced and not crowded. That’s one way to describe the state of Maine.

That approach to living is practiced in any backyard garden planting right? Easy does it, keep your spacing healthy enough so everything grows and gets more than it’s share of water, sunlight exposure, weeding and feeding attention.

Eight out of ten people live where the spacing is not so healthy though and very much unlike Maine. In places with bright lights, big city settings where there is not plenty of leg room. Not so comfortable for all the other body parts spacious.

Getting away from people. Maine has space, low cost real estate.

The physical and mental space, coupled with a lower cost of living and more hands on DIY self sufficient resourcefulness. Those healthy ingredients have always been one of Maine’s top attractions. Especially to those starved for more room around them. Where they see nature not high rises or anything man made. And the sounds are birds singing, the shoreline water lapping, the wind rustling the tree leaves. Check out the Maine fall leave migration video. Changing colors and witness leaves, lots of them at a time heading to the ground with this Maine video.



Everyone wants more room to add to their comfort level and simpler living and spending less money to achieve it is a common sense approach to life.

To keep folks from invading their personal space. To take a break from having to defend an opinion based on real life experiences. Who enjoys being told you are wrong for how you feel and have strong convictions about anyway? But tolerance for someone else not feeling quite the exact same as you is respect too. To each their own. It’s just the need to justify why you believe the way you do on anything can get old. That’s why space is a refuge, it is sought after big time and where Maine has unending supplies of that peace and quiet.

Remember flying long flights in tight rows herded like cattle car critters to the stock yards?

Or sliding in behind the wheel of something small, sleek, low to the ground and the seat only slides back not far enough? Uncomfortable, people too close is not so different than clothes that are too small tight and restrictive. Or used to fit you back in high school and you hang onto them because one of these days the diet is going to begin. After being crammed in too tightly for living area, Maine is one refreshingly location to get your fill of space. Inside or outside wherever you roam in Maine. Space is a sure thing because we are a ways up the pike and sparsely populated.


Stress in your neighborhood, on the highway, within the  four walls of your household because folks are in your face.

That is not what it is like in Maine. People buying low cost Maine real estate. It does not mean you have a reactive personality and don’t like people. It may mean you are shell shocked, feeling like on house arrest because no break from all kinds of people. That have strong opinions, maybe needy and just bored so let’s see if we can get a reaction out of someone, any one. Too many people in places outside Maine is the problem. People over populating an area are what slow down movement, add to the stress and cause the confrontations. Invading a person’s personal space whether they have garlic breath or not is too close, no fun.

Attention, being heard, understood, loved and respect is a normal healthy craving for more than existing but living fully up in Maine.

But to a point… considering folks get tired keeping up, defending themselves or meeting the expectations of others. In my day job for the past forty one years, the number one reason folks move to Maine is space. To get away from the crowded areas which slow life down to a crawl and that adds lots of extra work and expense to maintain it in areas where space is in short supply or non-existent.


All too often the remark “I just want to get away from people” is the prime reason to head to under populated, unspoiled sparse and vast regions of Maine.

Taking a break from bumper to bumper slow moving traffic with honking horns and lots of hand gestures. To turn off your security cameras and the crime riddled headline newscast. To not work so hard to find open space to yourself to hear yourself think and process life social events. Small town Maine is wholesome, real, highly sought after thanks to COVID19 pushing the life process of where do you really want to live today.

Maine has seen a tremendous influx of folks used to taking care of business, gotta to get to work by nine and living just enough, just enough for the city.

The Internet and telecommuting from their city setting made them search out nooks and crannies of rural Maine. Where they can continue the same hunt and peck and ZOOM meeting format to earning a wage if the signal is loud and strong to climb online the Internet highway.

COVID19 is causing everyone to assess where they live and why. Maine is on the radar for consideration for more than Vacation use. As a venue to do more, be more and to achieve a higher quality of life. It was always on the mind of many as a what if we move to Maine to raise a family, start a business, to retire and look at the golden wristwatch killing time before heading to the bright white light.

Slow cooked, your home is your castle and spending more time at your mailing address up in Maine.

Becoming more involved in your small Maine town community and learning the reward of volunteering. Home grown and not store bought enjoying life more because the approach is changed up to approach it from a healthier angle. Squeezing more from simple things in your day to day replacings what many thought was so Earth shattering important that suddenly goes away.

maine water blaine

Other people have caused folks pain and suffering or just garden variety grief round the clock for too long in place not like Maine.

Get me far away from people sounds like a request from a recluse, maybe a serial killer. But it is bone tired weary of battling your neighbor, your home owner’s association, keeping up with rising costs of everything. And the way you spend your time that robs anything left over that is enjoyable and enriching to a person’s life.

Maine is not the cat’s meow for everyone.


But urban settings don’t work like they used to either with the vise grip of the coronavirus clamped on and restricting life as a person knew it.

Everything is changed up but those living in small town Maine and country settings are better adapted to the shift. We take money out of the equation and it is not so depended on for survival and quality of life in Maine. Mainers are highly resourceful and handy. Not just gifted in one area of labor and used to hiring out the rest of what needs doing. Jack of all trades is what classic Maine living is all about and nothing new. Getting away from people, Maine space, low cost real estate all combine to make this is perfect combination for many looking for a change.

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