Getting Your Maine Home Ready To Market, Sell.

Houlton Maine Victorian Home

The Maine home that needs to be sold.

Houlton Maine Victorian HomeLots of reasons that lead up to the decision to stake a real estate for sale sign into the front lawn. The kids have grown up, flew the coop. The nest is too big to heat, clean, maintain.

Or on the other end of the life cycle, the shoe box 5-3-1 (5 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath) ranch or cape is not big enough.

For the extended family addition of an elderly mother in law needing her space under the same roof.

And the place just does not have square footage, bathrooms, space to pull it off correctly. 

The need for a Maine home sale could be because an estate happens, someone woke up dead.

And all the kids are scattered around the globe. And not a one of them is going to return to the original home place. No one needs the sticks and bricks beyond the childhood memories growing up there that they still and always will carry around in their heads.

So home sale on the Maine real estate, the house that regardless of the reason to have to move it out, this is a time for rolling up the sleeves. Getting ready to sell. Before the images are shot, the video loops created, the print marketing and all the blogs, websites, local and outside newspapers are kicked into gear.

First and foremost, keep it clean. Make the Maine home, house spic and span.

If nothing else, if repairs or simple renovations just have to be ignored for lack of a wallet or purse to open to perform them, the place needs to shine, sparkle. So elbow grease, catch up TLC here, there and in anyway possible is the foundation of the house sale in Maine. The beginning, the trail head of the marketing dog and pony that ensues is an odor free, window squeaky clean, streak free Maine home. For the show and tell and initial reaction.

Turn on the lights.

Let there be light to turn on, flick the switch to voila, ta da. Second, and again assuming not tons of money for updates or staging toMooers Realty Home ME Real Estate Officeenhance the chances of a quicker, more profitable sale involves light bulbs.

Simple screw in news ones, chuck the dead ones. So basements are not darker than the inside of a cow to grope around. Worry about spider bites or tripping over something in front of the Maine home wannabe buyer.

Over the garage, during house room showings top to bottom on a winter evening, your buyer and you too have to see where you are going.

This is not an amusement ride through the Bates Motel with mother’s house up back and darkness, poor weather created for extra scary effect. It is serious stuff. The need to sell a Maine home.

Next up after clean, lighted is lean and mean, ta da dump ta da dump heave ho we go.

 Removal of all the extra stuff that piles up. Everything that collects and just makes the space that is so choked, congested, awkward. I have seen places that had a beautiful floor plan, a layout that flows but not with all this cargo in the way. And reaction from a buyer when the seller, owners of the Maine home did not get rid of all the extra this and that of “no thanks”. “The place is chopped up, the traffic flow is restricted and just did not like the feel of the place” is one common comment. Or something along those lines. When if all the stuff, loot, trash or treasure was jettisoned out of the Maine home, an entirely enjoyable experience touring it would happen.

The dumpster time is not limited to the inside, interior of the house in Maine for sale either.

 Maine Weather VaneThe gum drop shrubs that were when planted but not have exploded and spiked up and out like Jack’s handful of magic beans need removal.

Those cedars grow up in a damp, moist swamp. Hold moisture next to the home in Maine which does wonders in a bad way on the paint job.

Mold on the vinyl siding in shades of green does not help the marketing.

 And if you can not see the pretty home in Maine for sale behind all the curtain of cultch, the vegetation is hurting the court and spark, flirting with buyer process.

Curb appeal means effort put into the outside appearance. If you ever hope to entice a prospective buyer for the home to wander inside. Through the front, back, side doors to take a look see around. First impressions are often the last and only ones. The shock and awe happens after the lock and load, getting all the ammo lined up to use in the marketing blitz. But the house has to be ready, willing and able to woo. Ooh and ahh the Maine home buying crowd.

Thumbs up and way way down happens depending on effort or not. Because as you crank your head around, there are other Maine homes for sale competing for a dance. For the buyer to take them for a spin. To kick the property tires so to speak.These areas of getting ready to sell a Maine home are the bare basics before any updates or renovations that will all contribute, pay dividends in the marketing of the property listing. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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