Green Homes For Sale In Maine

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Energy efficient, green homes for sale in Maine.

The property listing request for homes that are healthy spaces for famlies to grow tall and strong is a common query this Maine real estate broker fields daily. green home for sale photo

The emails and phone calls, office visits too are from folks that head north from crowded city living.

That want a better way of living and affordable housing that has those triple glazed windows, heat sink interior tile and stone, the fuel miser savings of heat pumps, other solar panel array applications.

Energy independence and housing economy is the overhead of living in a Maine home. Everyone wants that in rural Vacationland.

Green homes in Maine, we lived pretty efficiently long before the frugal lifestyle got a color name applied to it.

Mainers make an art of being frugal not cheap. Growing up on a Maine farm, we were told to be careful with our resources. Shutting lights off, using the southern exposure for illumination and passive solar gain in heating.

Root cellars for canning and preserve storage use to draw from for tasty home made foot supplies over the winter months. Using large gardens to grow what you eat the rest of the three seasons too.

Not heating a space larger than you need and keenly aware of being highly efficient. Anything but wasteful or capricious. We use those open and glass porches, not just doodads for show.

But back to the green homes for sale in Maine. Here is one example of one in town with the successful blend of old style charm and new efficiency.

Check out the link to the green homes for sale in Maine. One prime example of one with over $100,000 invested into it and a sticker property price less than those improvements alone on 35 High Street Houlton Maine.

 The hardwood floors, around 2227 +/- square feet of Maine solar home living space make it no ark but comfortable and affordable green housing in Maine to seriously consider. Hedged private big yard, solar refrigerator, energy storing battery banks, roof sun catching arrays. Plus sleeping porches, bay windows, tile and gorgeous original woodwork trim and state of the art solar home applications, high efficiency heating and cooling.

Priced in the $90’s, the Houlton Maine green, energy efficient home for sale features two heat pumps.

That add air conditioning for pennies in the summer months although Northern Maine’s summer weather is far from stifling, unbearable or presenting anything close to heat stroke type conditions.

More on Houlton Maine weather. And Maine weather, climate information too.

Off grid homes in Maine go along with the desire for living growing, knowing what you eat. Close to home, locally sourced wholesome food that is safe to put on the family table. green home solar storage battery bank photo

What you are eating, knowing where it comes from and how it was grown, processed. It is an important part of squeezing more out of our time on planet Earth.

To stay healthy, pure, and in the know avoiding what causes all those cancers, ailments.

And to unhook from the utility line and produce your own solar power or wind generated juice stored in energy efficient battery banks.

Green houses, homes with a keep it simple Maine living attitude dove tail beautifully with the desire to not have all kind of monthly utility bills scaring, staring at you twelve times a year.

To enhance the experience living in Maine where crime is the 4th lowest, where your neighbor if you have one is not in sight, a few clicks down the country road that leads to your green home.

Whatever you design to use for the best housing type available for you. maine solar green home sun room photo

We have had enjoyable, successful real estate sale experiences with yurts, underground homes, everything imaginable from geodesic houses to re-purposed shipping containers. Put on Maine land listed and sold to their creative property owners. Some Maine house lookers bought who converted churches into living space too.

Read more about DIY green home building from Mother Earth News. Some green homes are designed that way from the drawing board to be compact, energy efficient in design and construction.

More about green house plan designs if you go the route of buying Maine land and adding your own energy efficient dwelling.

With hardworking friendly spaces, passive solar heating and more all you need compact areas to use up a smaller footprint. That tie in with the attitude of more is less, take what you need and leave the rest for others.

Green homes can free up money used to maintain, clean, heat larger than you need houses. They can be built around your lifestyle living in Maine. Where outdoors is where we spend most of our time all four seasons.

Along with the green home, if it is in the country and surrounded by land that is open fro crops or critters and wooded for heating, highly efficient woodstoves come into the picture. maine solar green  home garden photo

My dad sold Jotul wood stoves and in a farm I now own there is a 404 Jotul wood cook stove that generates plenty of heat heat from a renewable resource called your woodlot.

That you visit each summer to prepare the following year’s heating supply fuel. This little enamel coated smaller wood cook stove is ideal for cooking your beans and your brown bread.

Grilling the meat or whatever is for a country style dinner meal when the three sided bell rings loudly to come and get it. Or to always rely on for the morning coffee, the hot afternoon tea time when you take a break and look around. Enjoying the set up in your Maine green home house and location.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730


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