Gypsies Infiltrating The Maine Real Estate Process.

pie time in maine photo

Maine real estate is local, the property listings are fixed based.

But the financing help and legal closing assistance is something that we see gypies asking for a slice. Trying to muscle in. pie time in maine photo

To sample some of that hit, flit and run local pie.

I am fiercely territorial, home town proud of our local Maine service providers.

Every local Maine  taxpayer should be for area survival, growth, prosperity.

We have talented local Maine bank lenders.

Legal beagle local Maine attorneys, lawyers to shuffle, coordinate the paperwork.

Local Maine insurance agents, brokers to bind the property listings when they sell too.

So when we get Maine real estate office visits from a “gypsy” lender from hours away asking to just give us a whirl.

Try us, you’ll like us please. I just smile. Hand goes up, hold it happens. Stop right there. We have plenty of local Maine providers of that service. They create local jobs that feed, support the small Maine town community economy.

They all live local, here round the clock. All four seasons. Not drifting in and out of town. But set up for full time service in my small Maine home town. Already established with historical roots that go deep. And all contribute greatly to making the small Maine town what it is.

They are the small town flavor, spark, movers and shakers.

The out of town, far away title company or mortage lender is not easily shooed away though. Pushed to get out into the hinterland for greater market share, more business to put on the books.

They persist and say we can give you, your clients good service. I respond we already get great over the top local service providers in place. parade in maine photo

I sit with an attorney and banker at a local Rotary meeting and accomplish plenty.

Like a three way conversation conference call.

Enjoying the home cooked meal the local church ladies put on.

Before our speaker takes the podium.

I run into these professionals in my local neighborhood.

Sit with them at sporting events, community activities where we work hand in hand on local projects. I don’t have to chase someone miles, hours away and play phone tag.

I don’t have to tell buyers and sellers of Maine real estate I don’t know what the delay is. Playing phone tag and made to wait to catch someone. Who does not know either and has to go further up the food chain. Because the loan processor is not in Maine but Florida, Chicago, LA. Or on Pluto.

Local is smooth, quick, responsive and up to the minute fresh, accurate. Less layers of miles away isolation. Because no disconnect happens. I get the up to the minute latest news easily.

I can walk to one bank I see out my office window or insurance office across the street.

And face to face find out what are we missing for paperwork? When is the appraisal ordered or who is doing it found out right now. pizza pie oven in maine photo

Better servicing when the local professionals are your friends, neighbors, in the same Maine community.

And the money stays local.

I don’t have to use and tie up my office, my equipment and personnel either for the gypsies that bring none to the dog and pony.

And I remind them there are local professionals in place. With their own “sticks and bricks” paying taxes, buying local goods, spending money to support the local economy. Creating local jobs. To keep the town humming, purring, alive.

Sometimes when the purchase and sales agreement calls for local attorneys, we have to step in and mud wrestle.

Because the branch bank headquarters attempts to steer the legal services to someone in their backyard. Ignores the purchase and sales agreement  instructions.

I put up a stink. Speak up. Say hold it, explain to the local buyer that dealing in your MooersRealtySearchhome town is always the best practice. Stick to your guns buyers and sellers.

Demand a local service provider that you picked, want to keep in the picture. To make sure the money stays local.

Local works best in a small Maine town. On many levels from the better service provided, the speed of knowing and reacting to the move and groove.

The twist and shout to get from listing to the Maine real estate closing on time. And saving money from past experience with local knowledge of the property from prior sales, familiarity with the listing.

Time is money, I like to keep it local when we list, market, sell our Maine real estate property listings.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730

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