Handicap Friendly Maine Homes For Sale | Not All Are Ranch Houses.

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Handicap friendly Maine homes for sale, those are always in demand.

Because the owner is not so wild about scaling stairs. Physically challenged happens slowly. maine horses group photo

Or the Maine home owner has a loved one that might want to live under the same roof line.

Maybe that visits a lot to say howdy.

And easy to get around, handicap friendly Maine homes for sale. Are one attractive property listing type because of the folks that spend time there.

So the more the merrier can happen inside the four walls of the Maine home.

With the older housing stock in Maine, larger square footages happen a lot. We recycle the homes. Not build them hundreds at a time to resell. Cookie cutter homes in Maine are not the norm like lots of other areas in the country.

Big Maine homes, big families to work the farms, the small businesses.

Because lots of kids was the norm. Not the 1.6 average family size today.

So when you have a Maine house for sale with a dozen rooms, you can bet a first first bedroom is going to be in the mix for property listing features.

So is the option to use a portion of the living space for a home business. Especially handy if you are bring your out of state job to Maine. To telecommute to Maine for work.

The employment that follows you across the big green bridge to the south. So you can work without missing a beat.

Larger older homes in Maine with a low price tag is a pleasant surprise.rafting in maine photo

The listing property buyers enjoy the not having a mortgage for long or at all.

The double boarded walls, two courses of flooring of solid wood.

If you can score a handicap friendly Maine home for sale that will last through the seasons of life the owner goes through, it is all a win win situation. Not a lot of moves happen. Folks stay put.

If the windows are updated, heating system and insulation is up to snuff, the older home in Maine represents lots of valuable living space.

Comfortable living because they were built back when your home was your castle. You spent time there and did not run the roads. Were home to roost. Offering lots of areas for family living. big houses in maine photo

Sometimes with three or more generations under the asphalt, tile or whatever covering overhead of the Maine home.

And used the summer kitchens for canning. The carriage house second floor for hay for the horses. Now for storage. The open front and side porch for therapy.

To visit with the Maine intown or country side neighbors. The side walk traffic of summer passer-bys in our many, mostly small communities in Maine. To socialize. Chit chat, exchange pleasantries.

Maybe share a glass of lemonade served up on the house in Maine open porch.

Maybe something homemade good to snatch on while the conversation unwinds. Folks catch up.

So handicap friendly Maine homes for sale. We have lots and they are not all ranch style houses. And land around the Maine houses is a given. Space, lots of it included no charge.

Come sample our fresh air, clean water in Maine.

Meet the wildlife. Because less people, more outdoor wide open places make it all happen in Maine.

To make whatever home in Maine for sale that you buy a keeper. A warm friendly place to call home sweet home in Maine.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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